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To restore and rejuvenate asphalt and tarmac areas such as car parks, driveways, warehouse floors/walkways, balconies, playgrounds and roads, one would typically use a high quality and heavy-duty sealer to offer long-term abrasion protection and prevent any further cracks and degradation of the surface material.

Products used to improve the aesthetics and durability of roads and driveways are known by several different names, and Rawlins Paints receive enquiries daily about tarmac paints, asphalt paints, driveway paints – which are essentially one and the same thing - and garage floor paints. Alongside tarmac and driveway paints, you may require line marking paints, tapes, symbols and numbers for car-parks and/or domestic purposes outside residential properties and businesses.

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Rust-Oleum 5478 Asphalt Restorer

Rust-Oleum 5478 Asphalt Restorer makes old and faded asphalt and tarmac surfaces look like new again, with a single application for driveways, car-parks and paths to provide a refreshed appearance and avoiding resurfacing costs. Covers line markings and repair work Quick drying, cost effective, and easy to apply Upgrades drab, grey,...

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Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat

Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat is a very fast-drying multi-purpose single pack floor paint for exterior use for line marking or as an overall floor coating for asphalt and tarmac areas.  Rain-proof and recoatable after just one hour! Can be applied on slightly damp tarmac surfaces Suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, pavement, bitumen, etc. Can...

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Britannia Tarmac Reviver

Britannia Tarmac Reviver is a water-based coating which has been specially formulated to bring tarmac and concrete surfaces back to life, for a fraction of the cost of re-surfacing. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Tough and long lasting slip resistant finish which renews and protects tarmac Safe water-based product, eco friendly...

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Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint

Protects and transforms floors inside and out, with an attractive, tough, durable, easy-to-clean thermoplastic coating which prevents the dusting of concrete surfaces. Suitable for asphalt and Tarmac. Quick drying and low odour. Indoor and outdoor use - Water Based - low odour Suitable for asphalt, Tarmac, brickwork, concrete, cement,...

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Watco Heavy Duty Anti Slip Traffic Paint

For high traffic exterior surfaces including walkways, car parks, vehicle areas and hazard zones. Exceptionally strong, two pack, anti-slip, solvent-based epoxy resin Pre-blended grit offers excellent slip resistance Ideal for concrete or asphalt surfaces Pedestrian and vehicle Only one coat usually required Note: While great care...

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Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint

Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint is a water thinned floor paint. Easy to apply, versatile and fast drying with low odour. Can be used on tarmac as well as concrete, asphalt, wood, walls, window ledges, bricks or metals. Available in 6 attractive colours Also available in 2,400+ RAL, NCS and British Standard Colours Please see Coo-Var Acrylic...

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Bradite Floor-It

Bradite Floor-It is a high-performance, ambient, crosslinking water-based acrylic floor paint for internal/external wood, steel, concrete and other absorbent mineral substrates. Available in 2,500+ colours, inc. RAL Classic, BS, NCS & the new NCS 2050 colours Economical, hard wearing, flexible floor coating with good chemical and...

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Watco Anti Slip Traffic Paint

External anti-slip paint for public walkways, playgrounds, tennis courts, private driveways that colours, protects and waterproofs with just one coat. Choose from 8 bold colours Excellent resistance to UV and weathering Contains a pre-blended aggregate which provides a finely textured slip resistant surface Note: While great care is...

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Coo-Var Tennis Court & Drive Paint

Coo-Var Tennis Court and Drive Paint is a water thinned coating designed to provide colour on asphalt and tar based tennis courts. Ideal for tarmac drives and paths. Single Pack Also available in over 2,500+ colour options from RAL, BS and NCS Please see Coo-Var Tennis Court and Drive Paint - Special Colours Coverage Calculator...

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Flag Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating (Anti-Slip)

Flag Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating (Anti-Slip) provides excellent protection for high traffic areas. It offers high levels of flexibility for a long lasting durable finish. Contains Dolomite stone to provide anti-slip* properties. For interior and exterior use. Used on Concrete, Stone, Tarmac, Asphalt (suitably aged), Ferrous Metals,...

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Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer

A water-based acrylic coating that seals, resurfaces, and transforms damaged, worn, and drab asphalt and concrete. A single 1mm coat is usually sufficient to create a tough flexible surface for cars and pedestrians. For use on driveways, car parks, playgrounds No primer required Flexible, waterproofing finish Quick drying (24 hours for...

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Britannia Playground Paint

Britannia Playground Paint is an eco-friendly water-based paint for use on tarmac and concrete playgrounds. Slip resistant properties Bright, stimulating colours further youngsters’ enjoyment of play For indoor or outdoor use Can be brush, roller or spray applied More Information Delivery Info

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Need Help?

Need Help?

The main feature many customers look for in tarmac paints is the range of colours available and if the product offers extra chemical and weatherproofing resistance. The full range of “road paints” at Rawlins Paints each come with detailed data-sheets, offering technical information, application advice (such as whether the product can be applied to wet or damp tarmac surfaces) and suitable methods (brush, roller or spray), as well as the best ways to maintain the tarmac/asphalt surface. If in doubt, however, give Rawlins Paints’ technical support team a call.

Tarmac Driveway Paints

Asphalt and tarmac driveway surfaces are prone to extreme weathering and colour fading from consistent UV exposure, and seasonal elements and temperature cycles. Whilst resins, paints and sealers available here do offer a one-coat long-term protection system, a routine maintenance audit is recommended to ensure that excessive water can easily be drained away, and that any oil or fuel spills are cleaned up as soon as possible – for example, spots where cars and vehicles regularly park. High quality and heavy-duty tarmac paints do offer chemical resistance against such fuels, vehicle coolants and cleaning liquids, but any existing damage to the surface will need repairing first before successful and longstanding application of a rejuvenating top-coat.

Rawlins Paints’ blog features several articles about tarmac restoration, pothole repair, driveway renovation, and tips and tricks for maintaining the ‘look and feel’ of car parking surfaces. Simply use the search option to find the most relevant article for your “how-to” requirements.

Using the filters on the category pages, users can refine their search for products which are more colourful tarmac paints, such as red, green or blue for car parking bays. Related products also include line marking paints and road marking symbols. Application and line marking equipment is also available at Rawlins Paints inclusive of Rust-Oleum’s 2 and 4-wheel applicators.

Buy the UK’s leading waterproofing and flexible exterior tarmac rejuvenating paints at Rawlins Paints today, with free P&P available on many products.

Alternate usage for asphalt paints available include cycle paths, warehouse floors, asphalt walkways (ground level or on roofs), loading in bays, tennis and related sports courts, playgrounds and around external sports centre equipment. 

Book a Site Visit for Large Floor Renovation and Refurbishment Projects

Painting floors with high-quality commercial or industrial coatings is much more cost effective and less disruptive to a project than using cheaper substitutes. Larger projects require some form of ‘guarantee’ for the client and/or building owner to provide peace of mind that the coating system applied to internal or external flooring will last for an agreed period of time - if correctly maintained.

Using our products, it is possible to decorate and protect concrete, tarmac, asphalt, wood or metal floors, both improving its life expectancy for greater periods of times, and delivering waterproofing and protective properties that can lower the risk of major repair and costly maintenance work. Achieve long-lasting results, with the wide range of floor paints and coatings available at Rawlins Paints today.

We offer systems that are available in virtually any colour and finish - including colour matching existing decorative or company colour schemes - in our light to medium (pedestrianised) right up to heavy use (light to medium vehicular activity) coatings for a wide range of interior or exterior substrates and surface materials.

A trained member of our Technical Support Team will visit your site and carry out a full inspection, write a tailored specification to meet your requirements and offer an approved contractor for the application. We will never offer a contractor that we have not trained and approved, all our contractors have successfully completed specific product training on the systems they apply and are monitored regularly to ensure the highest standard of quality is achieved.

By using one of our nationwide approved contractors for our products you enable yourself to take advantage of our guarantees, life expectancies and warranties. This means if we say our system is going to last a certain amount of time, or perform in a certain way and it doesn’t, you’re covered.

If you’re a contractor and would like to become an approved installer of our systems please contact us on 0113 245 5450