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Tenmat, a leading manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions with over 100 years of experience, available to buy at Rawlins Paints. Their UK-based manufacturing centre has ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and develops innovative and high quality products.

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Tenmat FF102 Ventilated Fire Barriers

Tenmat FF102 Ventilated Fire Barriers, for fire protection in 25mm or 50mm-wide cavities in combustible and non-combustible constructions including brick, block, masonry, timber frame, timber batten and aerated concrete block. It is essential that the correct fire barriers are specified and installed, therefore before you can place your...

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Tenmat NVFB Non-Ventilated Fire Barrier

Tenmat NVFB Non-Ventilated Fire Barriers provide up to 2 hours fire protection for vertical external wall cavities. They are manufactured to suit cavity widths and are held in placed by a combination of compression and multi-purpose brackets. Price on application - please contact our technical team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message...

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Tenmat FF109 Vent Duct Fire Sleeves Low Profile

TENMAT’s FIREFLY 109+ Vent Duct Fire Sleeve LPs (Low Profile) provide up to 120 minutes’ fire resistance for all common PVC ventilation ducts. The low profile design allows tight fitting against the ceiling soffit without the need to remove the top edge.  Up to 120 minutes Fire Rated Tested in Internal & External Walls CE Marked Low...

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Tenmat Cavguard 65 Cavity Fire Barrier Roll

Tenmat Cavguard 65, formerly Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll, designed to reinstate fire resistance performance within external wall cavities, that require permanent ventilation (in non-fire conditions). A fire rated product, providing fire resistance performance for periods up to 60 minutes Suitable for masonry and brickwork external...

Price £71.08 (ex. VAT)
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Tenmat FF109 Downlight Covers

Tenmat FF109 Downlighter Covers, fire and acoustic rated light covers or fire hoods designed to fire rate downlight fixtures and reinstate the performance of ceilings when penetrated by recessed downlights. Available in various sizes, suiting a wide range of lighting products Flexible and lightweight Up to 120 minutes fire rating Cost...

Price £16.77 (ex. VAT)
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Tenmat Firefly Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves

Tenmat Firefly Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves are a unique and cost effective fire rated solution where recessed ceiling air valves are to be installed in fire rated ceilings. Integral intumescent material rapidly expands to seal off the air valve Available in all sizes for both Extract and Supply Extract and Supply versions 60 minutes...

Price £21.62 (ex. VAT)
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Tenmat FF109 Pipe Fire Sleeves

Tenmat FF109 Pipe Sleeves are particularly suitable for use in plasterboard partitions, but can be used in blockwork walls and floors, and typically provide 2 hours, and in certain applications up to 4 hours, fire resistance to various plastic and metal pipes. The Sleeves do not require any additional metal sleeving and the unique intumescent...

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Tenmat Loft Covers

Tenmat Loft Covers, insulation protection covers designed to provide a fire resistant solution and overcome thermal and vapour transmission into loft voids when installing recessed lights. Fire resistant material Improves air tightness Limits cold drafts Prevents overheating Reduces fire risk by keeping combustibles (insulation) away...

Price £16.36 (ex. VAT)
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Tenmat Vent Duct OverSleeve

Tenmat’s Vent Duct OverSleeve offers 120 minutes fire rating to semi-rigid ducting. The low profile (4mm thick) OverSleeve is supplied flat and simply wrapped around the ducting and resealed with the reinforced foil backing layer. Its design allows the product to be retrofitted. Independently tested in accordance with EN1366-3 EI120 Fire...

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Tenmat FF108 Fire Stop Block

Tenmat FF108 Fire Stop Block is a unique, compressible and fully intumescent alternative to fire pillows/intumescent pillows. The material can be installed within and around various openings and electrical penetrations including cable trays, cable baskets and both PVC and steel electrical cable trunking where intumescent fire pillows are...

Price £33.80 (ex. VAT)
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Tenmat FF130 Electrical Box Inserts

Tenmat FF130 Electrical Box Inserts are lining socket boxes in fire and acoustically rated plasterboard partitions, improving air tightness and maintaining fire and acoustic protection for penetrations created by the introduction of both single and double recessed socket boxes. Limits the passage of fire and smoke through walls Improves...

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Tenmat Oversleeve Pipe Sleeves

Tenmat Over Sleeves, a universal, one-product-fits-all solution for the firestopping of insulated metal pipes. The thin and flexible intumescent is quickly and simply wrapped directly on top of pipe insulation without the need to cut back, ensuring that thermal and vapour seal performance is maintained. 120 Minutes Fire Rated Rapidly...

Price £181.71 (ex. VAT)
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