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Thermal Paint

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Our range of thermal paints provide insulation and thermal efficiency to the substrates they are applied to. They are safe, easy to use and are made to the highest standards. Extensive research and development and a combination of the latest micro technology helps develop guaranteed energy-saving and protective, decorative and functional paints and coatings for interior and external uses. All the thermal paint we offer is manufactured to original formulations that have been tested at world leading laboratories and government bodies for a variety of applications. These include UKAS approved Salford University and GEO Sciences in America.

Thermal paint insulating technology quite simply creates a thermal barrier which reflects heat once the paint or coating has dried. So properties in hot climates save energy and money on air-conditioning bills when exterior walls and roofs are coated, because less solar heat passes through these surfaces into the buildings. Conversely, properties in cool climates save energy and save money on heating bills when interior walls and ceilings are painted with our thermal products because heat loss is reduced. Another important feature of our thermal paints is that condensation problems are dramatically reduced or eliminated entirely due to the special resins contained within the products.

Our range includes thermal paints for roofs, walls (interior and exterior), ceilings, metal, and more. Browse our range today to discover the next generation of thermal technology in paints.

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