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Thermilate Technologies is a leading manufacturer of insulating paints, coatings and plaster products. Thermilate’s products are used across many sectors including cargo and shipping, commercial properties, construction and in the home. They are:

  • Functional paints
  • Easy to use plasters
  • Insulation paints
  • Leading energy-saving products
  • Products that protect from heat loss in cool climates
  • Products that protect from heat gain in warmer climates
  • Eco-friendly

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CLEARANCE - Thermilate Trade Warmtouch Paint

Thermilate Trade Warmtouch Paint is a quick drying, semi-gloss paint which makes handrails and metal surfaces warm to the touch. It also reduces handrails becoming slippery due to precipitation and condensation and conforms to the Health and Safety Building Regulations 2000 law. 1 x 5l available - now 50% off

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Thermilate InsOfloor Primer

Thermilate InsOfloor Primer is a unique thermal insulation acrylic primer that is scientifically proven to work. It's energy-saving formula ensures the primer will reflect valuable heat back up into the room, keeping you warmer for longer without increasing your heating system thermostat. Coverage Calculator

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Thermilate InsOpaint Anti-Condensation Paint

Thermilate InsOpaint Anti-Condensation Paint is a premium quality acrylic paint with very low odour levels and maximum thermal insulation performance that is perfect for all interior walls and ceilings. It fights condensation problems including mould, blistering paint, discolouration, staining and peeling wallpaper. Coverage Calculator

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Thermilate InsOpaint Exterior Masonry Paint

Thermilate InsOpaint Exterior Masonry Paint is a unique acrylic coating containing Thermilate’s world leading insulating, weatherproof and waterproofing technology. Retains internal heat Reduces heating bills Reduces condensation problems Lowest cost thermal insulation Water based Low odour  Environmentally friendly Easy to use for...

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Thermilate InsOpaint Gloss

Thermilate InsOpaint Gloss is an innovative, eco-friendly, water based gloss paint with a non-yellowing finish, ideal for interior wood and metal. This specially formulated, water based gloss gives all the appearance and characteristics of traditional gloss but has advanced durability, high opacity and fast drying times. Coverage Calculator

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Thermilate InsOpaint Interior Emulsion

Thermilate InsOpaint Interior Emulsion is perfect for all interior walls and ceilings. It dramatically reduces condensation problems, if not eliminating them entirely and provides maximum thermal insulation which has been independently tested across the world to UK, EU and ASTM standards. Coverage Calculator

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Thermilate InsOpaint Kitchen & Bathroom

Thermilate InsOpaint Kitchen & Bathroom has been specifically formulated to provide premium protection against mould and bacteria growth typically found in kitchen and bathroom areas and provide high thermal insulation. Combined with world-leading insulating technology, this hard-wearing kitchen and bathroom paint also reduces heat loss...

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Thermilate PRO Clear Roof Coating

Thermilate PRO Clear Roof Coating is a water-based coating which enhances and protects roof tiles. It is easy to apply and gives a high quality finish, which provides superior durability and washability. Thermilate PRO Clear Roof Coating is quick-drying, low odour and does not yellow on ageing.

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Thermilate PRO Dry Clear Guard

Thermilate PRO Dry Clear Guard is a heavy-duty exterior, clear, water repellent, silicone wall sealer that protects against damp, dirt, chemicals, water and extreme weather. Ideal fo  bricks, concrete, stucco, mortar, stone, sandstone, clay tiles, ceramics and cement blocks. Coverage Calculator

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Thermilate PRO Fungicidal Wash

Thermilate PRO Fungicidal Wash instantly kills moss, lichen, algae and mould. The new formula contains naturally occurring fungicides found in edible vegetation together with the most effective organic preservatives to provide the most sustainable solution to an age old problem.

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Thermilate PRO Insulating Elastomeric Coating

Thermilate PRO Insulating Elastomeric Coating is a high quality water-based elastomeric membrane with revolutionary, enhanced composite which makes the paint insulate and reflect heat. PRO Elastomeric cures to form a seamless membrane sealing the surface and ensures unrivaled breathability.

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Thermilate PRO Insulating Roof Coating

Thermilate PRO Insulating Roof Coating is the latest superior waterproofing and insulating roof coating. This innovative thermal system has been specifically developed to be the most highly insulating, protective and durable pitched roof coating available on the market today. Coverage Calculator

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Thermilate specialise in a wide range of insulating and decorating products for different market sectors, including construction, commercial properties and cargo and shipping, among others. They also manufacturer a range of tarmac sealers to help revive and restore damaged driveways or roads.

Thermilate paint

Thermilate InsOpaint Interior acrylic paint gives a great finish with brilliant anti-condensation performance. The emulsion combines thermal insulation but can still breathe. It also has low VOC levels, which boosts its eco-friendly credentials. Two coats of insulating paint on walls or ceilings gives the best thermal insulation possible, and can be applied by roller, brush or by spraying. It can be painted onto wall liner, straight on to plaster or you can wallpaper over it and it will retain its heat retention properties.

Roof Coating

Thermilate technologies have also developed Thermilate roof coating products. Thermilate Pro Insulating Roof Coating is fully insulating, protective and very durable. The roof coating is guaranteed by Thermilate to last for 15 years. It should be applied in two coats to work effectively, and will reduce heat gain in the summer and retain heat in the winter. Thermilate Pro Roof comes in a range of colours to match any roof tiles and promises a low maintenance roof for many years.

Thermilate Thermamix

Thermilate Thermalmix Insulating Paint Additive can be added to almost any paint or coating to make it insulate. It reduces heat loss through ceilings and walls and creates a workable thermal barrier. It can increase room temperatures by up to 3°C. It can be used in the home and for commercial purposes and can be applied in most areas that conventional coatings and paint are applied. It can also be used in hot places on building exteriors to keep the inside cooler by reflecting heat. Thermilate's Thermalmix paint additive creates a barrier that keeps warm air and the colder surface apart, which reduces condensation hugely, it can even completely eliminate it.

Trade Range

For a warm to touch handrail, TRADE Warmtouch Insulating Handrail & Metal paint is perfect. It can be used on metal gates, fences, industrial stairways, handrails and other metal surfaces, both externally and internally. It reduces condensation making the handrail or surface less slippery and therefore safer to use.