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Three Component Anti Slip

Provide an extremely tough anti-skid surface on various interior and exterior surfaces with our range of high-performance, three-component anti-slip paints. Choose products for use on asphalt, macadam, concrete and more, creating slip-resistance on floors for foot and vehicular traffic in areas including metal bridge decks, loading bays, pedestrian walkways, ramps and car parks, footpaths, roads and pavements, driveways, etc.

Our 3-pack anti-slip coatings include options that are resistant to fuels, oils and non hazardous materials, with approvals in NORSOK M-501 (suitable for decks and walkways) and UK Defence Standard 80-134/1 (for the Royal Navy, flight decks, hangar decks and weather decks), with a wide range of colours available from greys to vibrant yellows to decorate surfaces as well as protect against wear and slips.

Our Technical Support Team are on hand to advise on the best solution for your needs - contact them on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

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506 Anti Slip Dressing

506 Anti Slip Dressing gives a `stone carpet` finish which gives the appearance of loose aggregate, but avoids maintenance problems. Primarily used on outdoor walkways and concourse areas but can also be used internally to reflect the natural beauty of the outdoors. Tough and hard wearing Flexible Excellent abrasion and impact resistance...

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Ennis-Flint Stonegrip

Ennis-Flint Stonegrip is a specialist, hand applied surface treatment, consisting of a thermosetting, modified epoxy resin binder, dressed with a decorative aggregate. A wide range of aggregates are available comprising of different colours and sizes. More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

Price £341.50
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Jotun Jota Armour

Jotun Jota Armour is a three component, abrasion resistant, polyamine cured epoxy coating specially designed as an anti-skid coating. Suitable for approved primers or directly on concrete substrates - such as helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks, decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required....

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Jotun Jota Armour WG

Jotun Jota Armour WG is a winter grade version of the standard Jota Armour to allow faster curing in lower temperatures. Three component Abrasion resistant Polyamine cured epoxy coating specially designed as an anti-skid coating Suitable for approved primers or directly on concrete substrates Coverage Calculator More Information...

Price £122.13
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Remmers PUR Grip 100

Remmers PUR Grip 100 is a solvent free, flexible, three component, fast cure anti-skid system used as an anti-skid system onto various surfaces. It offers a degree of flexibility and can be used inside and out. Ideal for metal bridge decks Loading bays Ramps and car parks Roads and pavements Balconies Decks and podiums This product...

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Sherwin-Williams Epidek M339

Sherwin-Williams Epidek M339 is a 3-pack epoxy high build anti-slip deck coating designed for spray application using suitable equipment as a high profile anti-slip deck paint. It may also be applied directly to suitable sound deck coatings.  Please note: Black is available subject to a minimum order quantity of 200L  Coverage Calculator...

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RSL Resubind CP

Resubind CP, a 3 component, non-pigmented, solvent-free polyurethane binder designed for car park decks, walkways and driveways, surface dressed with aggregates to create non-slip, hard wearing, textured floor finishes. Can be used in interior or exterior car park decks on a variety of substrates. Different aggregates can be used to create...

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713 MMA Deckcoat

713 MMA Deck Coat, a three pack Methacrylate resin system ideal for use as a membrane subjected to vehicular traffic. Modified to impart toughness, resilience and waterproofing properties to the cured membrane. Typical uses include as a slip resistant membrane for car park decks, walkways, and areas subjected to heavy fork-lift traffic, and...

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