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Rawlins Paints are the UK's premier Tikkurila paint stockist with thousands of colours available from RAL, British Standard and NCS. Their industrial solutions provide cost-effective and long-term protection against corrosion and wear on steel and concrete for many years in sectors that include Processing, Energy and Telecommunication, Marine, Railways, Farming and Agricultural, and sub-sectors that include ACE Agriculture, Construction and Earth-moving Machinery and Equipment, Steel Structures in Bridges, Harbour Infrastructure, Steel Structures, Storage Tanks (Interior and Exterior surfaces) and Reservoirs.

Tested both in laboratory and in real-life conditions with outstanding results, Tikkurila coatings include high-solids paints with very low VOC content that can be used as single-coat systems for significantly reduced production costs, and water-borne coatings that compare favourably with the performance of solvent-borne paints, fully complying with exacting industrial quality standards and the latest environmental regulations. Tikkurila's range of products includes:

  • NORSOK-Approved Systems
  • MED (Marine Equipment Directive) Certification
  • M1 Approved Products
  • CE Marking

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Tikkurila Duasolid 50

Tikkurila Duasolid 50, a two-component, high-solids oxirane ester paint containing active anti-corrosive pigments. This eco-friendly alternative to epoxy and polyurethane paints is suitable for earth moving machines, haulage and lifting equipment, forklifts, agricultural machinery, electric appliances, pumps and other steel structures,...

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Tikkurila Ensi Urethane Oil

Tikkurila Ensi Urethane Oil is an easy-to-use urethane oil which penetrates into concrete floors and walls, withstanding well abrasion, washing and chemicals. For oiling of concrete surfaces Penetrates into concrete without forming a protective film Withstands well abrasion and washing Resistant against petrol, spirits and lubrication...

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Tikkurila Fontecoat EP 50

Tikkurila Fontecoat EP 50, a two-component water-borne epoxy topcoat and a single-coat paint recommended for framework, service platforms, conveyors and other steelwork, machinery and equipment. The product has MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate no VTT-C-12360-15-18 and is thus accepted for painting surfaces inside ships. Huge...

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Tikkurila Fontecoat EP 80

Tikkurila Fontecoat EP 80, a two-component water-borne epoxy topcoat for low VOC demands that can be used as a glossy topcoat in epoxy paint systems for steel surfaces. Huge colour range from RAL, BS & NCS Forms a tough and glossy surface with high resistance to abrasion and chemical stress Low VOC emissions Can be used with...

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Tikkurila Fontecryl AP

Tikkurila Fontecryl AP is a water-borne, one-component fast-drying acrylic based primer for various surfaces containing active anti-corrosive pigments. Provides excellent adhesion Used as an anti-corrosive primer on steel, aluminium and zinc surfaces Suitable for dipping Can be overcoated both with water and solvent-borne topcoats Wide...

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Tikkurila Fontecryl SC 50

Tikkurila Fontecryl SC 50 is a water-borne, one-component fast drying alkyd modified acrylic paint containing active anticorrosive pigments. Used as a single-coat paint, it is also suitable as a topcoat for painting in metal industry and painting stations. Huge colour range available from RAL, BS & NCS High film-building properties...

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Tikkurila Fontedur FL Matt

Tikkurila Fontedur FL Matt is a two-component, water-borne polyurethane lacquer for treating concrete floors and walls, and as a top lacquer for Fontefloor and Temafloor epoxy and polyurethane floors, that can also be used for dust binding. The product does not darken concrete or filler-treated surfaces and can be tinted to create...

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Tikkurila Fontedur HB 80

Tikkurila Fontedur HB 80, a two-component, water-borne polyurethane topcoat for use on steel surfaces exposed to weathering, abrasion and chemical stress. Recommended to be used for agricultural and earth moving machinery, steel framework and other steel structures, machinery and equipment. Huge colour range available from RAL, BS & NCS...

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Tikkurila Fontefloor EP 100

Tikkurila Fontefloor EP 100 is a two-component water-borne epoxy paint for painting of new, old and earlier painted concrete surfaces, including walls and floors exposed to moderate chemical and mechanical stress in industrial facilities, warehouses, repair shops etc. Huge colour range available from RAL, BS & NCS Also used in...

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Tikkurila Fontefloor EP Clear

Tikkurila Fontefloor EP Clear is a two-component water-borne epoxy lacquer for concrete surfaces, used in hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry for coating of floors and recommended for moderate mechanical and chemical stress in industrial, workshop and storage facilities. Multi-purpose lacquer Creates a glossy surface Can be cleaned...

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Tikkurila Fontefloor EP Primer

Tikkurila Fontefloor EP Primer is a two-component water-borne epoxy lacquer that seals the concrete surface and provides adhesion to all Temafloor coatings and screeds, and Fontefloor paints, and can also be used for patching cracks and holes in concrete. Dries in 6 hours for overcoating Also used for priming of damp concrete with relative...

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Tikkurila Fontelac QD 80

Tikkurila Fontelac QD 80 is a water-borne, one-component glossy topcoat based on alkyd dispersion ideal for touch-up painting in indoor areas. Used as a glossy finish for small tanks, agricultural machinery, haulage equipment and other machinery and equipment. Easy to use - one-component Ideal for touch-up painting in indoor areas Wide...

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Tikkurila is a Nordic paint company that has manufactured products made of carefully chosen raw materials that meet the highest quality standards since 1862, with 8 production facilities in 6 countries making Tikkurila coatings available to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Industrial Solutions

Aimed at professionals in industrial and commercial sectors, Tikkurila develops products with a strong focus on durability to withstand exposed and challenging weather conditions, including primers, intermediate coats, spot-maintenance, topcoats, and one-coat systems.

Customer Support

Rawlins Paints offer full product and technical support across Tikkurila’s range of products, so if you are a building manager, surveyor, architect or business owner, get in contact with us today on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] to find out how Tikkurila may be the best paint specialist manufacturer for your needs.