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Tile Adhesives

In terms of tile adhesion, Sika have been the market-leading brand for some time both in the United Kingdom and abroad. When SCHÖNOX proved to be another superlative option, Sika bought the company and added them to their rostrum. 

We offer 8 different names in the SikaCeram range that are ideal for adhesion to tiles. There is non-slip, showerproof tile adhesive, waterproof wall adhesive, waterproof fix and grout, tile on timber adhesion, rapid set adhesive, rapid set flexible adhesive, wall tile grout, and even a SikaCeram for stone, porcelain, and large format tiles. 

Non-slip tiles are sought after for bathrooms, kitchens and showers that need a good looking, safe environment. The flexible and fast-curing options are fantastic for business use. If your environment is prone to vibration or surface movement, you don't want your tiles to be getting misplaced. Fast-curing also offers minimum interruption or inconvenience to the running of your industry. 

SCHÖNOX offer environmentally friendly, tested and approved products that can be applied to textiles such as planks, and levelled floor tiles in interior areas. They boast low consumption/high coverage, low odour and short waiting time - making them a busy business's dream. Economical, unintrusive and environmental. What more could you ask for?

Well, you could ask for our help which we would be delighted to give. If you are unsure which product to choose or need any advice on your project, give our Technical Support Team a call on 0113 245 5450. You can also email to [email protected] or talk to our web team via social media by following Rawlins Paints and sending us a message. 

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SikaCeram Rapid Set Tile Adhesive

SikaCeram Rapid Set Tile Adhesive is a powdered, cement based, water resistant ceramic tile adhesive for fast setting thick or thin fixing. Suitable for internal and external locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and domestic shower areas. Conforms to BE EN 12004 Type C1. Features and Benefits Fast setting formulation Easily workable...

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SikaCeram Flexible Rapid Set Tile Adhesive

SikaCeram Flexible Rapid Set Tile Adhesive is a single-part, powdered tile adhesive that is both fast setting and flexible making it ideal for use with underfloor heating or in locations where some movement or vibration is expected. A fast setting thick or thin bed cementitious tile adhesive that conforms to BS EN 12004: C2FT S1. For fixing...

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SikaCeram-621 Flowfix Jointing Compound

SikaCeram-621 FlowFix, a ready to use (just add water), flowable joint filling and grouting compound that is fast to use and delivers exceptional bond strength - perfect for grouting large areas with joints 3-10 mm wide. For use with porcelain or ceramic paving Simple and fast application - ideal for large scale areas Suitable for joints...

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