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Tile Paints

At Rawlins Paints we offer a range of kitchen tile paints and bathroom tile paints which are ideal for refreshing and rejuvinating tired tiles so you don't need to outlay the money, time and hassle involved with retiling the most important rooms in your house.

These products all offer excellent adhesion and aesthetics, giving your existing ceramic tiles a brand new lease of life incorporating your own unique style. We offer white tile paint and tile paints available in a range of colours to match and complement your decor beautifully.

We also offer paints and coatings for use on external tiles including Zinsser Allcoat Exterior in a Satin or Gloss finish.

Please note: Not all Tile Paints are suitable for use in Showers/Wet Rooms, please refer to the the product data sheet to check before purchasing for this application.

Choose from popular products from manufacturers including Rust-Oleum, Zinsser and more in a choice of 4,000+ colours, including the popular Anthracite Grey and Chartwell Green. 

We also offer a range of Primers & Cleaners which are suitable for use on tiles and tiled surfaces. These can be found by clicking the link below.

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Rust-Oleum Tile Transformation Kit

The Rust-Oleum Tile Transformation Kit transforms outdated kitchen and bathroom tiles to a beautiful fine textured finish. None of the mess with removing tiles and no primer needed - simple to use, and possible to finish in a weekend! Please carefully read instructional booklet and watch DVD included in kit before use. Transform outdated...

Price £55.77 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Zinsser Perma-White Interior

Zinsser Perma-White paint is a durable, water-based, very low odour finish containing a biocide that protects the dried coating against mould and mildew - guaranteed for 7 years. It is ideally suited for any area of persistent high humidity, frequent temperature changes and poor air circulation. Available in 4,400+ colours, inc. RAL, RAL...

Price £18.40 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Wethertex MS11 Multi-Surface Renovation Paint

Wethertex MS11 Multi-Surface Renovation Paint is a high performance protective coating providing a decorative satin finish to multiple substrates for both interior and exterior application; is also self priming and resistant to flash rust. Long-term protection - highly durable, highly breathable and water repellent Excellent adhesion -...

Price £75.04 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin (Water Based)

15 year performance for all surfaces - including uPVC - 4,400+ colours, inc. Anthracite Grey, RAL, RAL Design, BS, NCS & the new NCS 2050 colours. Recommended for use on uPVC - read our blog post on painting uPVC doors and windows, or click here for commonly asked questions about painting uPVC Also suitable for timber, metal, masonry,...

Price £21.34 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss (Water Based)

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss (Water Based) is an ultimate performance all surface paint. Designed for the long-term decoration of timber, metal, masonry, plastic (UPVC), concrete, cladding and more, it forms a vapour-permeable, low maintenance water-shedding coating, re-coatable in 1 hour. Cracking, blistering and flaking resistant...

Price £24.48 (ex. VAT)
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Rust-Oleum CombiColor Multi-Surface

Rust-Oleum CombiColor Multi-Surface is a solvent-based, adhesive primer and topcoat in one. Based on an alkyd binder it provides good adhesion to many types of substrates and is lead and chromate free. Please Note - YE, WH and WL Base 1L Gloss is now discontinued. Colours mixed on these bases will now only be available in a 2.5L size. If you...

Price £17.04 (ex. VAT)
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Zinsser AllCoat Interior (Solvent-Based)

Zinsser AllCoat Interior (Solvent-Based) is a 4-in-1 primer, sealer, stain blocker and finish. It is ideally suited to commercial interior applications and offers exceptional sprayability, one coat coverage and virtually odour free application: Adheres to all surfaces without sanding Covers and seals most paintable surfaces Ideal for new...

Price £22.20 (ex. VAT)
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Osmo Concrete Oil

Osmo Concrete Oil is suitable for the clear impregnation of nearly all types of concrete (exposed concrete), artificial stone, screed as well as microporous natural stone with a polished, sanded or break surface as well as for unglazed tiles. Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blister Highly water repellent...

Price £24.45 (ex. VAT)
In Stock and Available for Delivery

Bradite One Can Matt

Bradite One Can Matt is a quick-drying matt finish primer/finish coat in one can, for use as a low odour, quick drying scuff and moisture resistant, adhesion promoting, stain locking, anticorrosive coating for interior or exterior walls and trim, masonry (Brickwork/Concrete etc) ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, common plastics (e.g....

Price £21.37 (ex. VAT)
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Bradite One Can Eggshell

Bradite One Can Eggshell is a quick drying, low odour, water thinned primer/finish coat, with excellent adhesion, stain blocking and anti-corrosive properties. Available in 2,500+ colours, inc. RAL Classic, BS, NCS & the new NCS 2050 colours Suitable for use over most properly cleaned and prepared commercial uPVC, wood, glass, plastic...

Price £21.37 (ex. VAT)
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Axalta Floorcote AQ200

Axalta Floorcote AQ200 is a two pack, water-based epoxy floor coating for use on a range of substrates. Suitable for application where low odour and minimum solvent content are important, such as schools, hospitals and public buildings Excellent abrasion resistance, adhesion and chemical resistance Low VOC - 3g/litre (varies with colour)...

Price £97.13 (ex. VAT)
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Tor Duraclean WBU Eggshell

Tor Duraclean WBU Eggshell, a water based decorative coating for use as the finish coats of the Duraclean WBU Eggshell System. Provides a durable easy clean surface with good colour stability for public access areas. Normally applied over Aqualife WSE Primer EP131 as part of the Duraclean WBU Eggshell System The Duraclean WBU System is...

Price £97.81 (ex. VAT)
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Need Help?

Need Help?

How To Paint Tiles

Conventional paints are often ineffective on unprimed ceramic tiles as they require excellent adhesive properties. The Rawlins Paints Blog features the articles below on how to paint, revamp and rejuvenate your kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles:

How To Paint Ceramic Tiles

No Need to Replace Your Tiles, Just Paint Them!

Affordable Kitchen DIY: how to breathe new life into your kitchen


Ideal For DIY Projects

Zinsser offer some excellent products to prepare, prime and decorate ceramic tiles easily at home, or even for commercial use.

Suitable products include:

Using Zinsser products allows for tiled surfaces to be redecorated in more than 4,000 colours including favourites such as Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, and Chartwell Green, saving the time and mess generated from removing and replacing ceramic tiles from walls in kitchens and bathrooms.

Landlords will appreciate the quick process to return a property to the market with the possibility of increased rental income from an updated interior, whilst homeowners can quickly change the décor of a room without the disruption to family life.

Rust-Oleum also offer a solution in the form of their Rust-Oleum Tile Transformation Kit - a white tile paint with a fine textured finish, suitable for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and grout. The kit also includes an instructional booklet and DVD for hassle free application. 


We make buying specialist paint easy. Our technical team are always happy to help if you require assistance with any aspect of your project. Please contact our Technical Department on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].