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Timberex International have been developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly, durable products since 1927, including durable oils for:

  • Floors
  • Worktops
  • Decking
  • Furniture
  • General Arts & Crafts applications

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Timberex Aqua

A range of water-based stains for interior use that penetrate deep into the wood for a lasting colour effect without losing the ‘wood’ look. The stains are fastdrying, allowing the topcoat to be applied within a few hours, minimizing time and costs.

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Timberex Aqua Plus

Timberex Aqua Plus is a water-based polymer wood coating for fast and easy industrial protection. Very rapid curing saves time and costs. Stains and protects at the same time. Coverage Calculator

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Timberex Bio-C

A gentle cleaning agent specially formulated for use on oiled surfaces. Diluted with water as needed and is non-foaming, odourless and does not leave smear. Timberex Bio-C can be used daily or when ever needed.

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Timberex Coloured

For commercial or domestic use, on floors, stairs, panelling etc. Timberex Coloured penetrates deeply into the wood filling the pores to form a wear and water resistant surface.

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Timberex Enviro

A low-VOC wood oil for protection against stains and wear. Very rapid curing saves time and costs. Non-yellowing, non-darkening and easy to maintain and clean. Can be used as a Topcoat for Timberex Aqua and Active Stain.

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Timberex Gold

A virtually solvent-free product made from natural, fast-drying oils and resins which penetrate deeply into the wood. Filling and enriching the pores it cures to seal and protect from within

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Timberex Hard-Wax Oil

Offers a compromise of a tradtional oil and a coating with superior protection against spillages. It greatly enhances colours and grain and allows wood to age naturally into rich varying tones.

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Timberex Heavy Duty UV

Now includes a UV-blocker which will inhibit the bleaching of the surface by harmful UV rays using natural, fast drying oils and resins which penetrate deeply into the wood.

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Timberex Heavy-Duty UV PLUS

An improved version of the Timberex Heavy-Duty UV wood oil, with improved coverage, smell, water resistance, UV resistance and faster curing. 

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Timberex Natural

Made from natural resins and fast drying oils which penetrate deeply into the wood filling the pores to form a wear and water-resistant surface.

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Timberex Satin Oil

Used for periodic maintenance of floors treated with Timberex Natural, Timberex Heavy Duty or Timberex Coloured. Available in natural or white, re-sanding is not normally necessary.

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Timberex products have been almost a century in development and are renowned for their environmentally friendly and durable properties. Timberex stains in assorted colours, oils for floors, decking, furniture, worktops, arts and crafts applications are stocked under Timberex and Watco Wood Finishing Oils brand names.

Timberex Floor Oils

Heavier duty areas need heavier duty products, which is where Timberex Heavy Duty UV and Timberex Heavy Duty UV Plus come in. These products include a UV-blocker, which works on blocking potentially damaging UV rays from excessive sunlight exposure. The treatment sinks deeply into the wood and seals from within. It’s specifically formulated for areas that endure high traffic, including sports halls, airports, conference centres, offices and other areas which are visited by high volumes of people.

Floor Maintenance Products

Timberex Oil & Wax Remover allows the user to chemically remove any residues on a wooden surface without damaging the wood. It’s possible to adjust the intensity of the product by altering the amount of water mixed with it, which allows flexibility depending on the flooring project.

If you have floors already treated with Timberex Natural, Timberex Heavy Duty or Timberex Coloured, you can periodically use Timerbex Satin Oil for maintenance purposes. It’s available in white or natural colours and means it’s not always necessary to re-sand. This natural hardening satin oil refinishing oil will surface dry within six hours and become fully water resistant after a few days.

Gentle Wood Cleaner

Specially developed for use on oiled wood floor surfaces, Timberex Bio-C can be diluted with water to the strength needed. It’s mild enough to be used every day on wooden floors and is odourless and smearless in finish.

Don’t forget to keep checking back for changes in Timberex product prices as they are subject to change and you could get yourself a good deal.

About Timberex

Timberex are ISO 9001 and BSEN71 certified and the oils are all made from natural renewable sources and in accordance with the latest international health & safety specifications. They are all VOC2010-compliant and EN71-3 Certified (Food & Toy-safe). Timberex International has recently been aquired by the Rust-Oleum Corporation with distribution partners in over 30 countries.