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Enhance your GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic roofing system with a protective topcoat from Rawlins Paints.

Our GRP topcoats have high UV resistance and excellent colour fastness, with more colours available on request in products in the RAL and British Standard range of shades. Cold-apply to flat and pitched roofing systems, with excellent coverage rates and long guarantees.

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KoverTek TekGuard Flexi-GRP

KoverTek’s TekGuard is designed to simplify the application process and speed up working time both on existing and new roof surfaces, a system that eliminates the need for using separate GRP resin and Topcoat. A complete resin roofing system. 15-year (300g CSM), 20-year (450g CSM) or 25-year (600g CSM) Materials Guarantee when installed...

Price £207.81
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KoverTek TekShield Premium Roofing Topcoat

Kovertek TekShield Roofing Topcoat, designed specifically for roofing applications giving high coverage out and universal cure, produced in RAL 7011 for a consistent colour (other colours available subject to minimum order quantity). The product is designed to give high UV resistance with good coverage rates. High performance virgin Topcoat...

Price £51.57
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KoverTek Value Brand Roofing Topcoat

KoverTek’s Value Brand Topcoat is an unsaturated blended polyester that is pre-accelerated and is ready to use with standard grades of MEKP catalysts. The resin is thixotropic and designed to have good resistance to drainage with a medium cure rate that allows for all round use. Lower shrink blended topcoat Lower shrink compared to...

Price £4,537.50
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Bullet Roof GRP Roofing Topcoat

A roofing topcoat with fantastic thixotropy that clings to pitched and vertical roofs though the curing process, without running or slumping from the surface. Great cost/performances ratio Easy to use Easy to sand Available in 350+ colours on request Extra costs and longer lead times may apply Must be purchased and used with...

Price £83.85
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Cromar PRO GRP Topcoat

Cromar PRO GRP Topcoat, recommended for use in flat roofing applications where regulations specify a fire-retardant system. Conforms to BS476 Part 3:2004, FAB classification. Pre-pigmented, isophthalic acid based, filled fire-retardant roofing top-coat Excellent water and weather resistance providing a maintenance-free surface Tack-free...

Price £62.69
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Kovertek TekShield Premium Roofing Topcoat 933 Fire Rated

Kovertek TekShield Premium Topcoat 933 Fire Rated is an orthophtalic polyester gel coat designed specifically for roofing applications. It can also be used for coating floors and to protect FRP laminates. Produced in RAL 7011 for a consistent colour (other colours available subject to minimum order quantity). Please Note: This product is...

Price £168.54
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