Our exceptionally hard-wearing, high performance two-component polyurethane floor paints are ideal for indoor and outdoor areas with high traffic, with products for coating wood, concrete, brickwork and metal surfaces and more.

Excellent resistance to solvents, grease, oil and solutions of acid and alkali make polyurethane floor coatings ideal for use in industrial and commercial areas, drying quickly for foot and vehicular traffic in days, reducing disruption to business. Only at Rawlins Paints will you find 100's of RAL and British Standard colours and shades available, allowing floors to match company colour schemes.

Our Technical Support Team are on hand to advise on the best solution for your needs - contact them on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

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Blackfriar Professional High Traffic Floor Paint

Blackfriar Professional High Traffic Floor Paint is an exceptionally hard-wearing, high performance, easy-to-clean 2-pack solvent based floor coating ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Provides outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals, non-yellowing, excellent colour fastness. Product Features Resists grease, oil and solutions of...

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Remmers PUR Aqua Color Top 2K M

Remmers PUR Aqua Color Top 2K M is a 2-component, silk matt, water based and coloured sealant with good resistance to UV-light and chemicals. Can be used as a coloured, silk matt sealant for all Remmers Epoxy and PUR Coatings Lightfast Water vapour diffusion capable 240+ colours Please note that this item has a lead time of 7-10 days,...

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Remmers PUR Indu Color D40

Remmers PUR Indu Color D40 is a flexible, solvent free, two component coating on a polyurethane base used as an abrasion resistant seamless fleece reinforced system for parking decks and balconies. PUR Indu Color D40 can be used on concrete Road asphalt Wood Steel Aluminium surfaces 190+ RAL colours available Note: Product is...

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Remmers PUR Indu Color N (PUR Indu Color D60)

Remmers PUR Indu Color N (formerly PUR Indu Color D60) is a flexible, solvent free, two component coating on a polyurethane base used in the creation of balcony and deck waterproof membrane systems. Can be used on concrete Good quality asphalt Wood Steel Aluminium surfaces 230 colours available in RAL, NCS, and British Standard...

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Eagle Tecnotop 2C

Eagle Tecnotop 2C, a 2-component polyurethane resin for protection of high-traffic flooring that forms a hard and strong continuous film with excellent adhesion and mechanical properties, resisting abrasion and stress, algae and mould growth, weathering, extreme temperatures, and UV radiation. Gloss finish Ideal for high-traffic areas in...

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RSL Resudeck ST - Standard Readily Available Colours

RSL Resudeck ST (formerly Resudeck) is a two-pack polyurethane floor coating designed for wet environments and is hot water resistant. It also has a durable, flexible finish and is resistant to chemical attack.  High-build Hard-wearing Solvent-free Can be used on concrete, wood and asphalt Anti-slip can be added Resistance to many...

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RSL Resutile

Resutile is a hard-wearing, two-pack polyurethane floor coating which is designed to provide exemplary protection from any abrasion, chemicals or impact. It also removes graffiti. Chemical resistant and UV stable Abrasion, thermal shock and impact resistant Hygienic & easy to clean Impressive flexibility - high temperature resistance...

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Hydron Nu-Base PU Floor Finish

Nu-Base PU Floor Finish is a two-pack, high build, hard wearing polyurethane floor coating providing a tough, flexible finish with resistance to chemical attack. Low odour and low VOC floor coating with maximum chemical resistance and heat resistance of up to 150°C FeRFA Class Type 2, for use in manufacturing areas, laboratories, chemical...

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Rust-Oleum 9200 Rust-O-Thane

Rust-Oleum 9200 Rust-O-Thane is a satin, water based polyurethane for a very durable and colourfast finish on coated floors, walls and primed metal. Especially recommended where general urethane performance like excellent weather resistance (UV), easy cleaning and abrasion resistance is required. Rust-Oleum`s hard wearing, washable...

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Teamac High Performance Polyurethane Topcoat

Teamac High Performance Polyurethane Topcoat (previously known as Teamac P101 High Performance Finish and Teamac High Performance Marine Gloss) is an aliphatic, 2 pack polyurethane topcoat that is light stable so will not fade or yellow when exposed to high levels of ultra violet light.  Internal and external use on floors, walls, and...

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Sikafloor 304 W

Sikafloor 304 W is a two part waterbased, very low VOC, polyurethane, matt seal coat that is part of the Sika ComfortFloor Decorative and Sika ComfortFloor Decorative Pro ranges. Features and Benefits Water-based Very low odour Good UV resistance Non-yellowing Easy to clean More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery...

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Sikafloor 359 N

Sikafloor 359 N is a two part tough-elastic, coloured, non-yellowing, polyurethane abrasion resistant seal coat with high mechanical resistance for broadcast systems with crack-bridging properties in industrial flooring. Particularly suitable for car park decks, ramps and warehouses etc. Features and Benefits: Tough-elastic Good...

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