Up to 750°C  

Heat Resistant Paint disclaimer: Always ensure the product you are purchasing is suitable for the intended use/project. This will include but is not limited to gaining clarification that the product in question can achieve the required protection for surfaces and environment you have.

It is important to differentiate between Heat Resistant Paint and Fire Retardant Paint. The former can prevent paint from splitting, peeling, cracking or blistering under intense heat, and protect it from corrosion in harsh and exposed environments (depending on product). Fire Retardant Paints for wood, timber and plasterboard, Fire Retardant varnish for wood and timber, or Intumescent Paints for steel and cast iron should be applied when you want to be sure a substrate, surface or material will not easily catch fire, by minimising its combustibility or ignitability.

The sub-categories within the Heat Resistant Paints section allow users to filter by the temperature up to which they need protection. These are to be used as a guide only as there will be instances where a product will be able to achieve higher protection on certain section sizes but not others.

For further product, project and pricing support, we ALWAYS recommend you contact our Technical Department before purchase and use.

Heat and fire protection doesn’t have to be hard work, let our technical staff help you get the level of protection you require and the finish you want. If there is a product you cannot find, please contact our Technical and Sales Support Team on 0113 245 5450.

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