Utility Repairs  

Utility areas are prone to wreaking havoc once damaged and are not a repair job to postpone. Whether it be a bathroom, basement, utility room, or an issue in the attic then water is often involved and large amounts of it. Our utility repairs range from immediate action products to stem waterflow, to the careful re-grouting of tiles and filling of cracks in concrete or other substrates. 

When looking to fix a utility issue, it is important to address the root of the problem, rather than painting over the problem. If you are unsure about what has caused the damage, then talk to one of our technical support team, or a local plumber/electrician etc. perhaps. When the root of the issue is diagnosed and work can begin, be sure to prepare the damaged surface accordingly. Remove any loose plaster, sand down if applicable and ensure any signs of damage residue has been removed. If you are unsure whether a product requires priming or any further cleaning products, always check the Product Data Sheet at the bottom of the product page, as it will suggest a property which we should be able to distribute too.  


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  • Damaged bathroom tiles
  • Water tank damage in the attic
  • Broken washer in the cellar
  • Leaking refrigerator in the kitchen
  • Leaking shower room
  • Frozen pipes
  • Broken boiler
  • Leaking cistern
  • Faulty taps
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