Thermoguard Fire Varnish BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B System

Thermoguard Fire Varnish BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B s2 d0 System is a clear fire retardant varnish for interior and exterior timber surfaces. See further below for representations of available translucent wood stains - these are shown in the colour picker as solid colours Certificate Application

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Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is for use on wood and timber: Soaks virtually ‘invisibly’ into woods and timber Achieves Euroclass B (BS Class 0) Fire Propagation and Spread of Flame fire protection on solid timbers Can be overcoated for decorative purposes For internal and external use Simple Certification Application following...

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Thermoguard Wallcoat 30 & 60 Minute System for Plasterboard

Thermoguard Wallcoat 30 & 60 Minute System for Plasterboard is a coloured intumescent paint system for interior plasterboard and cement board ceiling and wall surfaces. These packs have been created to help users ensure they are purchasing sufficient product for their project. Each pack contains the correct amount of basecoat (Wallcoat)...

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Thermoguard Wallcoat BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B System

Thermoguard Wallcoat BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B System is a coloured fire retardant paint system for interior plasterboard ceiling and wall surfaces. Each pack contains the correct amount of basecoat (Wallcoat) and topcoat (Wallcoat Smoke & Flame Retardant Topcoat) to ensure protection is achieved inline with the manufacturers...

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Teamac Trawlak Fishroom Preserve

Teamac Trawlak Fishroom Preserve, a Shellac based, traditional coating for the fishing industry. It's incredibly quick drying formulation seals wood with an attractive, hard amber finish. Knot resistant formulation seals in stains. Suitable for all types of wood and steel Can be used on walls of trawler fish rooms, wooden fish crates and...

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Coo-Var Pro-Netic Water Based Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Coo-Var Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalk Board Paint is a dual purpose coating that can produce a surface to which magnets will attach and is also suitable as a chalkboard. For use in the home, schools, offices, restaurants and hotels - can be overcoated to achieve other colours. Provides a matt black finish Create a magnetic notice board For use...

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Wethertex MS11 Multi-Surface Renovation Paint

Wethertex MS11 Multi-Surface Renovation Paint is a high performance protective coating providing a decorative satin finish. It has superb adhesion to multiple substrates while being highly vapour permeable and water-shedding. This versatile, hard-wearing paint for both interior and exterior application is also self priming and resistant to...

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Rustins G Shield Electro Smog Shielding Paint

Rustins G Shield Electro Smog Shielding Paint is a new generation special carbon coating for reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI). It is based on a high-quality water-borne, cross-linking acrylic resin containing Natural Exfoliated Graphite to provide reliable shielding from high-frequency electromagnetic fields and low-frequency...

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Some of the products featured here will also be associated with other sections, as Rawlins Paints continues to grow its product ranges, and manufacturers extend theirs, too. Others, however, are difficult to tie in with bigger umbrella categories, as they have been designed for one task, and one task alone!

Unique Coatings and Decorating Solutions from Bedec

Bedec Blockfill is designed to infill block and brickwork to give a smoother surface where cost of rendering and plastering is prohibitive or unachievable. Suitable for interior applications, including warehouses, stockrooms, factories and more, it is an easy clean, one-coat system.

Bedec Interior-Flex Elastomeric Matt Emulsion is an elastomeric matt emulsion paint that is designed to bridge hairline cracks and flex with the substrate where movement typically causes cracking with conventional matt emulsions.

Bedec Scumble Glaze is a water based, slow setting acrylic glaze, suitable for paint effects such as rag rolling, stippling, sponging, and marbling. Designed for application as a decorative glaze for use over water based eggshell, oil based base coats or vinyl silk emulsion paint, it is non-flammable and produces low odour upon application.


Old-school blackboard paint is still available from Blackfriar and Rust-Oleum, as old and tired boards advertising Food Specials, or Bar Promotions, can now be brought back to life and reflect the modern aesthetics or rustic charm of restaurants, bars, cafes or even art gallery gift shops!

If you have ever needed a dead matt black finish for old beams, panelling, decorative ironwork, stage scenery or a photographic darkroom, and have found standard matt paints have too much of a sheen when dry, then Blackfriar’s Matt Black Paint can deliver the professional finish you need.


Coo-Var Brick & Tile Paint WB is a water-based paint for use on stone, concrete, plaster, render, and bricks, that improves and protects the substrate with a flat brick red finish.

Coo-Var Terebine Liquid Driers helps paint dry in chilly winter months.

Coo-Var White Glass Shading can be used to block out excessive light and heat in factories and green houses with glass ceilings or external panels.


Mathys Fair Decor is an additive for waterborne paints to extend the drying time of the coating, most commonly used with interior decorative paints for walls and ceilings to reduce flow for producing paint effects such as dragging, rag rolling and marbling.

Mathys Fairtex is a matt white acrylic paint for the decoration of interior walls and ceilings, which can also be used on most types of wallpaper.

Mathys Paracem Deco Ceiling is a super covering and extra matt acrylic paint for ceilings and inner walls.

Mathys Paracem Effects Finish is a water based acrylic varnish used as a finish for interior decorative paints where a high mechanical resistance is required.


Manufacturers including Rust-Oleum and Zinsser like to produce wall paints that can be used in a multitude of environments, like Write-On Paint and Doodle Wall, which meet many modern-day office requirements for walls to be white-boards for brain-storming sessions. Also suitable for schools, nurseries and youth centres, these unique products are as inspired as they are inspiring to use as a blank canvas!


Teamac Acrylic Coating is used on agricultural buildings to protect, refresh and decorate tile and brick roofs as well as sealing asbestos sheets and barns.

Often used as a gloss finish, Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Paint will give protection in moderate to severe corrosive atmospheres – such as in swimming pools, parlours, piping, laundries and marine applications.

Teamac Metalastic Black Bituminous Paint is a high quality bituminous solution for marine, industrial and agricultural applications. It forms a waterproof, weatherproof, and corrosion resistant coating for interior and exterior use. It is resistant to low levels of alkalis and acids and can withstand prolonged oxidisation.

Teamac P101 2 Pack Polyurethane Topcoat is an aliphatic polyurethane topcoat that is light stable so will not fade or yellow when exposed to high levels of ultraviolet light. It is ideal for floors, walls, structures inside and out requiring protection against chemicals, graffiti attack, elevated levels of traffic and more.


Historic buildings, including churches, castles and period properties, sometimes require a product that can deliver the exact requirements involved with renovation and refurbishment projects. Zinsser Grade 1 is a product that is frequently used in listed building to match precise colour schemes and stop legacy fungal degradation that has resulted in the need for the renovation project. Thanks to its vapour permeable film, the underlying substrate can breathe, and any damp that is in the brick, stone or masonry can naturally evaporate, without condensation, damp or mildew problems to the topcoat finish.