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Watco paints and coatings - now available at Rawlins Paints! Watco's industry leading, high performance repair and coatings products are long lasting, hard wearing, and give quality results every time - exactly what you would expect from a company with over 90 years of industry expertise!

Their popular products are thoroughly tested for proven performance, using industry standards for slip resistance, flexibility, adhesion, and more. Watco products are easy to use and economical, helping contractors and applicators reduce costs by returning areas back into service quickly.

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Watco 4 Hour Epoxy Primer

A 2-component primer for porous, bare, concrete, sand and cement screeds, bricks and blockwork that is ready to be over coated in only 4 hours. For priming bare, porous, or open textured surfaces prior to applying a high build floor finish Ready to be over coated in only 4 hours Virtually solvent free two pack epoxy resin – safe for use...

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Watco All Weather Mat

Keep entrance ways clean with this natural rubber mat. The flexible rubber nodules deliver excellent dirt scraping and trapping action. Suitable for internal or external use All weather conditions and wet areas Easy to clean - simply shake out or hose down Slip resistant base keeps the mat firmly in position, even in wet conditions...

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Watco Aluminium Nosing

Attractive, hardwearing nosing for slippery step nosings. Highlights and makes step nosings safe Simply glue or screw in place Use inside and out Suitable for stone, tile and concrete More Information Delivery Info

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Watco Anti Fatigue Mat

Helps minimise the effects of standing on cold, hard concrete floors, improving blood circulation and reducing pressure on the feet, legs and back. Improves blood circulation Reduces pressure on back and feet Anti Slip when dry Recommended areas of use include: Dry production areas Assembly lines Packing benches More...

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Watco Anti Slip Aluminium Treads

An easy way to improve safety, inside and out. Ideal for application to cold, damp or difficult to clean surfaces Suitable for concrete, brick, timber, stone, metal, and painted surfaces. Can be used on steps or walkways. The anti slip insert is firmly stuck to the surface and predrilled for screw fixing More Information Delivery...

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Watco Anti Slip Concrete Floor Paint

Easy to use pre-mixed, single-pack, polyurethane anti-slip coating for light traffic areas in warehouses, garages, and other concrete floors. Superior impact, hardness and adhesion Tested to CE Mark EN1504-2 ‘Best Ever Formula’ twice as durable as before Transforms and dustproofs drab, stained concrete Ideal for identifying production...

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Watco Anti Slip GRP Treads

Ultra tough GRP for added grip on heavily trafficked steps. Excellent anti slip properties, even in the wet Won't warp, swell or rot Instant safety solution Free cut to size service More Information Delivery Info

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Watco Anti Slip Traffic Paint

External anti-slip paint for public walkways, playgrounds, tennis courts, private driveways that colours, protects and waterproofs with just one coat. Choose from 8 bold colours Excellent resistance to UV and weathering Contains a pre-blended aggregate which provides a finely textured slip resistant surface Note: While great care is...

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Watco Application Tools

Application tools, for use with Watco products and systems. Includes brushes, rollers, spiked rollers, and trays. More Information Delivery Info

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Watco Application Tools & Accessories

Applications tools, equipment, and accessories for use with Watco paints, coatings, repair products, and fixings. More Information Delivery Info

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Watco ArmourGrip Anti Slip Floor Coating

The ultimate anti-slip floor coating for very heavily trafficked floors, loading bays, ramps, and any wet, oily, slippery surface, inside or out. Suitable for use on concrete, some metals, wood, well bonded paint. Will not wear through like a conventional coating Unique Iron silicate anti slip top surface Heavy duty, 100% solids epoxy...

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Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer

A water-based acrylic coating that seals, resurfaces, and transforms damaged, worn, and drab asphalt and concrete. A single 1mm coat is usually sufficient to create a tough flexible surface for cars and pedestrians. For use on driveways, car parks, playgrounds No primer required Flexible, waterproofing finish Quick drying (24 hours for...

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Watco supply industrial and commercial-grade products for use across industry - food manufacturing and processing plants, warehousing, factories, workshops - and a wide range of commercial sectors such as showrooms, garages, car parks, supermarkets.

Find products, paints and coatings for a wide range of substrates including concrete, wood, metal, masonry, and asphalt on floors, walls, and roofs:

• Repair

• Paints & Sealers

• Anti Slip

• Line Marking

• Roofing

• Waterproofing & Damp Proofing

• Maintenance & Safety


Their more popular products and ranges include:

Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat/Epoxy Matt Coat - an extremely tough epoxy resin floor coating for concrete floors in warehouses, workshops, production areas and showrooms, with fast curing that allows 2 coats in one day.

Watco Epoxicote - Extra thick, ultra-durable, and chemical resistant floor coating for heavy traffic areas in warehouses, garages, receptions, oil & chemical areas. Options include anti-slip, cold-curing, and rapid-drying.

Watco Safety Coat - The strongest water based epoxy coating with pre-blended aggregate for an even, easy clean, fine anti slip finish. Ideal for heavy trafficked areas that can become slippery. Hygienic and coarse versions are also available.

Watco Safety Grip - Heavy duty epoxy resin floor coating with excellent chemical resistance, for steps, ramps and floors, in wet or oily areas. It has a coarse anti slip finish to help reduce workplace accidents. Cold-curing (down to 0°C) and rapid-dry options available.

Watco Concrex - Epoxy repair mortars for concrete and tarmac in high-traffic areas. The range includes coloured products for blending damaged, coloured  surfaces, deep-fill repairs, sub-zero low temperature curing, rapid-drying, and for vertical surface repairs.