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Waterproofing and Dampproofing

When it comes to construction, little is more vital than waterproofing. With that comes damp avoidance, or dampproofing, an issue which can be costly, unsightly, and productive of foul and unhygienic smells! Waterproofing work at the early stages of construction, or later in renovation and restoration work, can not only significantly improve the structural strength and lifespan of surfaces and substrates, but it can improve insurance rates, ongoing maintenance costs, and add value to the property. 

There is such a wide range of waterproofing and dampproofing products and product ranges available in the UK from some of the world's biggest industrial and commercial manufacturers that it can become confusing as to what the key differences are between each, and which is best for specific substances, materials and interior/exterior surfaces - including horizontal or vertical surfaces. Each manufacturer's product data sheet will provide excellent resource - from storage recommendations, to application guidelines. However, if you require further assistance in the suitability of a product range, and other compatible products to meet your project's requirements, contact a member of our Technical Support Team on 0113 245 5450, where we can discuss options available to you today - for use in all weather conditions!

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Remmers WP Sulfatex (Sulfatex Grout)

Remmers WP Sulfatex (formerly Sulfatex Grout) is a high quality, waterproofing grout with high resistance to sulphate for waterproofing buildings in the Kiesol System. Easily and quickly applied on sand-lime brick, brick and concrete substrates Highly water impermeable under water pressure (also water pressing from behind) Adheres...

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Remmers WP Sulfatex Rapid (Sulfatex Rapid Filler)

Remmers WP Sulfatex Rapid (formerly Sulfatex Rapid Filler) is a quick-setting waterproofing mortar for grouting and filling with high sulphate resistance. Quick, waterproof repair of defective areas Joint and surface filler Fast curing Water pressure tight High sulphate resistance and low active alkali content (SR/NA) More...

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Remmers WP Top (Basic) (Repellent Render)

Remmers WP Top (Basic) (formerly Repellent Render) is a fibre reinforced, water impermeable render for reliably waterproofing buildings. Polymer modified, dry mortar with hydraulic binders, mineral aggregates and special additives. Low in chromate. Stable Promotes drying High sulphate resistance and low active alkali content (SR/NA)...

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Watco Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane

Holds back rising damp on new or old concrete and sand and cement floors. Suitable for heavy wear areas, concrete floors where a DPM has failed or was never installed, or areas of damp concrete which cannot be surface dried prior to painting. One high build (250 microns) coat is usually sufficient Withstands 98% relative humidity New...

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Remmers Waterstop VF (Tape VF) (all types)

Remmers Waterstop VF (Tape VF) (all types)  is a high-quality, premium waterproofing tape based on nitrile rubber and coated with non-woven fabric.   Highly flexible High expansion capability and elastic recovery Internal and external use Bridges and seals movement and expansion joints Movements up to 10mm are reliably taken up. The...

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Remmers WP DS Level

Remmers WP DS Level (formerly Waterproofing Filler) is a highly sulphate resistant mortar which is a system product in Remmers Waterproofing Systems. Joint and surface filler Production of sealing coves Low-stress and crack-free setting Very good adhesion to the substrate Single-layer coating thickness up to 50 mm High sulphate...

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Remmers WP Flex 1K (Elasto Grout 1K)

Remmers WP Flex 1K (formerly Elastogrout 1K) is a flexible, waterproofing grout for the waterproofing of buildings (walls and floors) against ground damp, moisture and water pressure, indoors and outdoors.  Flexible Good adhesion to the substrate Water pressure tight Can be applied as a grout and a filler Low-stress and crack-free...

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Watco Plant Room Coating

A tough, flexible, waterproof coating for the protection of plant room floors. It provides seamless, flexible protection, filling and bridging joints and cracks in concrete, brickwork, stone, masonry and plaster. One coat fills cracks, seals and waterproofs Contains leaks and spills Flexible formulation resists cracking and peeling Takes...

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Remmers Kiesol

Remmers Kiesol Single-component, solvent-free, strengthening silicification concentrate for waterproofing and refurbishing old and new buildings in the Kiesol System. Strengthens Narrows pores Repels water Inhibits masonry salt Improves adhesion, abrasion resistance and surface strength Increases resistance to chemical attack More...

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Remmers WP RH Rapid (Rapid Hardener)

Remmers WP RH Rapid (formerly Rapid Hardener) is used for fast, subsequent sealing of leaking areas, seepage water, water inrush and other leaks on concrete, masonry work and render in cellars, water tanks, tunnels, shafts, etc. Reacts within seconds (begins to set after approx. 30 seconds) Water pressure tight Low shrinkage Resistant to...

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Watco Weatherguard

Watco Weatherguard is formulated to give an impermeable protective coating that will withstand extremes of temperature without softening or hardening. Extremely tough and flexible, it can be applied to almost all surfaces. The cured film will stretch up to twice its original surface area without detrimental effect and will cope with any...

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Watco Masonry Waterproofer

Watco Masonry Waterproofer is a colourless, breathable water repellent treatment for brick, concrete and stone walls. It is supplied as a cream that is applied to the wall surface in a single coat using a roller or brush. It is is highly resistant to UV light and has a life expectancy of 20 - 30 years. Penetrates more deeply than...

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