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It is important to care for and protect wood cladding from the elements, such as UV exposure, to prevent splitting, cracking, and peeling. A little product can go a long way, preventing full refurbishment of a shopfront or building exterior, including retails units, office buildings, warehouses, and homes. Rawlins Paints stock wood oils, varnishes, stains, and exterior wood cladding paints to protect and decorate your wooden surfaces in a variety of shades and colours.

Choose from the best brands - Osmo, Rubio Monocoat, Lacq, Blackfriar, Remmers, Mathys, and Zinsser - to protect your wooden cladding for years to come. Should you decide to paint your wood cladding, we offer 2,400+ colours from RAL, British Standard, and NCS ranges as well as a bespoke colour-matching service.

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Osmo Country Colour

Osmo Country Colour is best suited for all wood in outdoor areas where an especially durable coating is required, and is ideal for renewing old microporous finishes and weathered wooden surfaces. Extremely weather and UV resistant - very water and dirt resistant Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage - natural wood grain is hidden...

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Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex Satin Opaque Timber Paint

Wethertex OT25 Wood-Flex Satin Opaque Timber Paint is a quick drying, high quality opaque satin finish for all exterior timber, including cladding, windows, doors and other joinery. Uses advanced Optilife silicone technology, providing long term colour stability for timber and total weather protection for up to 12 years. Good blocking...

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Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+

Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+ is a decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on wood indoors and outdoors. Biocide-free topcoat on impregnated wood, e.g. garden furniture Clear UV+ can also be used as a sacrificial layer over pigmented variants to prevent the wood from...

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Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin (Water Based)

15 year performance for all surfaces - including uPVC - 4,000+ colours (incl. Anthracite Grey) from RAL, NCS and BS. Recommended for use on uPVC - read our blog post on painting uPVC doors and windows, or click here for commonly asked questions about painting uPVC Also suitable for timber, metal, masonry, plastic, concrete, cladding,...

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Lacq Energol

Lacq Energol is a versatile premium wood protector for all outdoor wood surfaces. The combination of wood oil and linseed oil provides optimum results. Energol nourishes the wood from within and provides long-lasting protection. Highly durable Long lasting colour and protection Suitable for external wood such as fencing, sheds, verandas,...

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Lacq Produra

Lacq Produra is a durable and high-quality protective product for all wooden surfaces. It is solvent-free and consists mainly of natural ingredients including vegetable oils and water. The unique composition of Produra provides a transparent protective coat from within the wood. Suitable for external wood such as cladding, fencing, sheds,...

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Osmo UV-Protection Oil

Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is ideal for all vertical wood surfaces in outdoor areas: doors, windows, window shutters (dimensionally stable elements), carports, timber cladding, balconies, fences, pergolas, and summer houses (dimensionally unstable elements). Clear UV Protection Oil 410 is safe for humans, plants and animals when dry Clear UV...

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Bradite One Can Matt

Bradite One Can Matt is a quick-drying matt finish primer/finish coat in one can, for use as a low odour, quick drying scuff and moisture resistant, adhesion promoting, stain locking, anticorrosive coating for interior or exterior walls and trim, masonry (Brickwork/Concrete etc) ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, common plastics (e.g....

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Remmers Rofalin Acrylic

Remmers Rofalin Acrylic is a weather protection paint on an acrylate base for wood and other substrates in outdoor areas. Can used on render, masonry work, concrete, weathered fibrated cement, zinc roof gutters, zinc sheet metal and more Highly opaque  Does not flake Alkali-resistant, including when used on mineral substrates Low...

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Remmers Aqua VL-66/sm-Venti Coat 3in1

Remmers Aqua VL-66/sm-Venti Coat 3in1 is a water-based one-pot coating system with a sealing effect for high-value wooden structures. For use on interior and exterior wood Dimensionally stable wood building elements: e.g. windows and doors Wood building elements with limited dimensional stability, e.g. folding shutters, matchboarding,...

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Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin (Solvent Based)

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin (Solvent Based) is an ultimate performance all surface paint: Multi surface application that can be applied down to 5°C Resistant to showers after 1 hour Available in 4,100+ RAL, NCS and BS colours  Mould and weather resistant  Flexible Recoatable in just 3 hours 15 year lifetime Can be used on uPVC,...

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Remmers Induline OW-815

Remmers Induline OW-815, a water-based agent with special UV absorbers and lignin stabilisers to protect the surfaces of external wood decks, garden furniture and wood facades. For building elements with little-to-no dimensional stability Drying time, worked over after 4 hours 10℃ to 25℃ working temperature 80-100ml per m2 application...

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