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Enhance and protect your exterior wood cladding with our range of wood cladding varnishes. From renowned and trusted brands including Blackfriars, give your wood cladding superior UV light durability and waterproofing. For use on bare or stripped wood, enriching and protecting cladding with an attractive finish.

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Blackfriar Exterior Varnish UV77

Blackfriar Exterior Varnish UV77 Enhances and protects all wood and external joinery. It provides protection to all types of wood by resisting UV light to give your wood superior durability when applied over Blackfriar UV Wood Primer. It waterproofs as well as adding an attractive finish. Enriches and protects your home and garden wood...

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Need Help?

Can you varnish cladding?

Of course! Varnish adds a protective layer on top of the wood and you can choose from a clear and see-through varnish to coloured options, such as oak and mahogany, to change the look of your exterior wood cladding.

How do you waterproof wooden cladding?

Varnish seals wood with a hard and durable layer that sits on top, preventing water from penetrating the wood below and helping resist swelling and movement.

How do you keep cedar wood cladding from turning GREY?

All woods will naturally grey when left exposed to UV light from the sun, the question is how fast do you want to delay that process.

Our exterior varnishes have extra UV protection, absorbing light to prevent it damaging the wood surface. This is why you should always use an exterior varnish as opposed to an interior varnish on outdoor wood cladding, as the protection will be much better suited to the environment.