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Whether you’re looking to spruce up a rabbit hutch or revamp the exterior woodwork on a building project, Rawlins Paints has the right wood finish for you.

We stock a comprehensive range of wood varnishes, stains, oils, protective finishes, like Sadolin Superdec (and its Classic Wood Protection product) and wood paint for both interior and exterior uses – pretty much every project you can think of is covered by a product in our range. Whatever you need, we can provide advice on the best wood finish to use, from heavy duty floor varnish, wood preservative, opaque wood paint, like Solignum's solvent based Architectural coating - available in several colours, and decking oil to Danish oil,

Contact our Technical Team if you’re unsure as to the best product for your needs – remember to take into account if you need water or solvent based wood finishes, when you want to apply it, if it’s inside or out and whether it should be coloured or clear.

Finishes for Interior Woodwork

We stock a vast range of finishes for internal use, whether it’s the inside of garden sheds, log cabins, window frames, doors, wooden window trim, wooden floors, kitchen worktops, bar surfaces or furniture.

Depending on your project, you may want to use wood oils which sink deep into the grain of the wood. Often easier to apply than varnishes, wood oils are great for repairs and maintenance on wooden floors and surfaces. Or you may want to choose a heavy duty varnish if your surface is going to need to be very heard wearing.

Polyurethane clear floor coatings are oil based varnishes that give a good finish to wooden floors, while also being very durable. Coo-Var Polyurethane Clear Floor Coating is particularly good for high traffic areas like restaurant floors, as it gives a hard glaze and a surface that’s easy to clean. Durable and low maintenance, it’s a good option for floors that need to be hardwearing.

For a finish that offers good protection from spillages and stains, Timberex Hard-Wax Oil works well. It’s a hybrid product somewhere between a traditional oil and a coating and can be used on lots of different surfaces including wood floors, furniture and kitchen worktops to give a protected yet decorative finish. 

Decorative Wood Finishes

If you’re looking for specific wood paint colours, we have creative options such as Blackfriar Metallic Paint. For interior and exterior wooden surfaces, metallic paint gives an enriched and gilded finish to your woodwork, making your project stand out from the crowd. Particularly good for public areas such as restaurants, pubs, dining areas and anywhere that needs a bit of decorative flair.

Ardenbrite also offer similar wood paints, with a beautiful metallic finish. Choose from Ardenbrite Metallic Paint (Water Based) or Ardenbrite Metallic Paint (Solvent Based) depending on the needs of your specific project.

Upcycling furniture has become more popular over recent years and one of the best ways to renovate and really transform furniture is with chalk paint. Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint gives a classic finish that will enhance old furniture. Giving a matt finish in one of 16 colour shades, it just needs a layer of Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax or Rust-Oleum Furniture Lacquer to complete the renovation. Rust-Oleum Crackle is a similar product with a different finish. The two component system is perfect if you’re looking to give furniture an antique vibe and make it look aged yet spectacular.

For a satin-finish wood paint, Mathys Fassilux Aqua XPE Satin can be used on interior and exterior timber and gives a lovely scratch resistant finish. Or for a fast drying, non-yellowing gloss enamel, you could choose Bedec Aqua-Advanced Gloss, guaranteed to keep the colour true.

If you’re not looking to recolour your woodwork, then you could choose a Danish Oil product. Coo-Var Danish Oil gives a very durable, water resistant seal to wood, and can be used on exterior woodwork and interior woodwork. Danish oil brings out the natural beauty of the wood and enhances its appearance, without drastically changing the colour of the finish.

A blend of oils specifically for hardwood, Coo-Var Teak Oil works well on wooden furniture or if you’re looking for a shinier finish, Coo-Var Polyurethane Varnish is a hard wearing, clear varnish that can also be used on interior or exterior timber. With a choice of eggshell, matt and gloss finishes, it’s particularly good for kitchen worktops, furniture and interior doors.

Exterior Woodwork Finishes

Outdoor wooden furniture, fences, sheds and various other timber also needs decorating and protecting. As it’s obviously subject to potentially harsh weather conditions, the protection from Blackfriar's Gold Star wood preservative is different than for indoor woodwork. We stock external varnish, external wood stain and external floor paint for various uses, including waterproofing external walls and floors.

Sadolin Woodshield is a good alternative to traditional gloss paint for external woodwork. However, if you’re looking for a translucent topcoat to add onto existing coatings in order to provide a protective coating or for maintenance reasons, Sadolin ULTRA Topcoat works well.

For wood stain to use on sheds and fences, Sadolin Timber Stain gives good protection and has a long lasting colour. It also dries quickly, making it simple to use, which is always useful when sealing and protecting in uncertain climates. The faster you can make your surfaces waterproof, non-slip and decorated, the better.

External window-frames can benefit from Sadolin Superdec Satin, which is an opaque wood protection product that with an attractive yet waterproof finish. Sadolin also offers specific Garden Furniture coatings, which are specially formulated to enhance the appearance of the pieces, as well as protect them long-term against wear and tear.

Decking Oil and Protection

Timber decking finishes, whether it’s garden decking or boat decking need to be carefully considered based on the requirements of the surface area, usage and environment. If you need more waterproof protection, or want something for specific wood, such as teak decking for boats, then contact our Technical Team for advice.

It’s important to prepare decking properly before applying any kind of timber decking finishes. Non-slip decking properties, fire retardant decking or sprayable decking stain… whatever you’re looking for we can help you out.

We stock various coatings to enhance, protect and waterproof external decking. Sadolin Decking Oil nourishes the wood and gives a natural finish, whereas Sadolin Decking Stain & Protect can alter the colour as well as offering the protection you need. The ultimate defence in outdoor decking is provided by Decking Colours, a 2 in 1 system with plenty of colour choices.

Solignum Timber Decking Oil is an oil that can be applied with a brush and provides protection at the same time as enhancing the appearance of the wood. For teak and hardwoods, Teamac Teak Oil gives a good water resistance coating thanks to its blend of natural oils and silicone. You can use this inside and outside to ensure your hardwood is beautiful and protected. 

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