Wood Preparation

Get the best start for your project by using the best wood primer, undercoat or wood preservative. Rawlins Paints stock a range of water and solvent based products for use internally and externally, improving coverage, adhesion and durability of subsequent wood coatings.

The type of wood you're intending to protect and decorate makes it important to choose the right base for your intended finish - softwoods normally prefer solvent based primers and preservatives, whereas hardwoods tend to perform better with water based products. Remember to consider knots and resins that may stain and whether you want to see the grain of the wood. If you are unsure as to product suitability, contact our Technical Team to discuss your requirements. Please note we always recommended testing products on off-cuts or ‘not-on-display’ surface areas, to check the product’s finish.

Due to the volume of wood types, there consequently are an enormous number of outcomes from using a product across distinct types – so where possible, please refer to manufacturer data sheets to ensure a. the product is suitable for the wood types you wish to use it on, and b. further recommended treatments and topcoats to obtain the best finish required.

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Coo-Var Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat

Coo-Var Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat is a water-based, low odour primer ideal for plaster preparation or any wood surface which requires priming inside or out. Fast drying and easily applied. Exterior/Interior use Matt finish Available in sizes from 500ml up to 5L Apply with roller, brush or spray Coverage Calculator More...

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Cromar Decking Sealer

Cromar Decking Sealer is a quality clear sealer formulated to provide an effective water repellent barrier for the protection of timber decking. A test patch is always recommended, prior to use to ensure desired result is achieved Will waterproof and protect any smooth or ridged, hardwood or softwood decking timber Including...

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Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer

Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer is an oil based primer that contains aluminium. Used primarily to prevent staining on knotted or resinous timber. Easy to apply. Also works as a heavy duty primer Resists resin staining Resists blistering of topcoats Interior/Exterior use Semi-matt finish Available in sizes from 500ml up to 5L Coverage...

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Hydron Mona-Guard WD - Clear

Hydron Mona-Guard WD - Clear is a terrific wood sealer for bare or rejuvinated wood. One such use can be for decking; applying a clear protective coat which will breathe new life into the wood, whilst prolonging the life of the structure. Advantages Great for reviving life from dull wooden surfaces. Resistance to water, oil, dirt,...

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HMG DG282 14 MDF Sealer

HMG DG282 14 MDF Sealer (Base) is a high solids, fast drying MDF primer. This product MUST be purchased/used in conjuction with its manufacturer specified base or activator/hardener: 2-Pack System Details Base (Part 1) HMG DG282 14 MDF Sealer Hardener (Part 2) HMG Acid Cat 91 Hardener One part of a two part...

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HMG AIF630 Button Polish

HMG AIF630 Button Polish is a pale coloured sealer for use on wood and metal surfaces.  Its fast drying characteristics and ease of application lends itself to a whole variety of usages. The product is a modified resin type and is non-toxic and thus suitable for food contact. Suitable for use using a rubber for French Polishing purposes....

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Tikkurila Akvi Isolator

Tikkurila Akvi Isolator is a water-borne acrylate primer recommended for interior wooden surfaces such as panels, mouldings, doors, etc. Especially optimized for rapid production lines, the product has also good stacking properties. A fast-drying water-borne primer with isolating properties Retards knot bleeding Slows down discolouring...

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HMG Cellulose Hi Seal Sanding Sealer

HMG Cellulose Hi Seal Sanding Sealer is a medium solids cellulose based basecoat/sealer for use on wood and veneer. Fast drying Easily sanded More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Remmers HK Stain Grey Protect

Remmers HK Stain Grey Protect is a decorative, solvent-based premium grey stain for use on exterior woods such as windows and doors, fencing, shutters and more, protecting from moisture and providing effective protection against blue stain fungi. Natural grey tones for wood outdoors Even colour tone across areas exposed to weathering and...

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Coo-Var MDF Primer

Coo-Var MDF Primer is a quick drying, water based primer for MDF surfaces. It can be used to prime MDF furniture, desks, doors and more. Extremely easy to apply. Product Features For interior use Matt finish Application: Brush Drying time: Touch Dry 30 mins or 2 hours hard dry Overcoat time: 6 hours Estimated coverage: 13m² per litre...

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Coo-Var Penetrating Wood Primer

Coo-Var Penetrating Wood Primer is an oil based high quality primer. Ideal for any wood surface which requires priming inside or outside. For interior and exterior use Single pack Suitable surfaces: Wood and soft woods Finish: Semi Matt Application: Roller, brush or spray Drying time: Touch dry 3 hours or 8 hours hard dry Overcoat...

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Teamac Penetrating Wood Primer White

Teamac Penetrating Wood Primer, is a general purpose, modified alkyd based wood primer for wood, especially useful for priming soft wood. It can be applied to suitably prepared timbers and boards. Overcoatable in 16 hours, it is compatible with Teamac Marine Gloss. Traditional Wood Primer For All Type of Wood. Provides Flat Finish For...

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Need Help?

Need Help?

The wood preparation stage is the most important stage on restoring, preserving, decorating or protecting wood substrates and surfaces. It will dictate what finishes are available, whether subsequent oil or water-based products can be used, how contrasting the wood grain can be, and how much protection is available against smoke and fire damage, discolouration, UV light, water spills and potential stains, woodworm, and much more.

If you wish to prepare new wood prior to varnishing it, you may need fundamentally different primers and undercoats than if you intend to paint, oil or stain it. Wood needs to be sealed for paints and varnishes to adhere to it, as opposed to remaining porous for stains and oils to soak into it. Key considerations are using clear or translucent primers, as opposed to white, or light-coloured sealers and undercoats.

Key criteria that also dictates which products can be used, include:

  • Has the wood previously been treated, varnished, oiled or painted?
  • Has there been any, or does the wood currently need repairing or cracks filling?
  • How old is the wood, and if it hasn’t been treated previously, has there been any warping from environmental, or atmospheric humidity and temperature changes?
  • Has the wood been prepared by striping, filing, sanding, cutting or planing?
  • Do you simply want to seal the wood to protect it, or add further protective layers and coatings?

Products in this category may also be applicable for removing oil and wax residues, or coating and preparing wood substitutes, including veneer and MDF.

Woodworm Killers and Treatments

To treat all types and life stages of woodworm and wood boring insects, we recommend Blackfriar Exterior Wood Preservative Gold Star. It is ready to use for the eradication of woodworm, and is a low solvent, low odour based solution which penetrates deep into the wood.

Woodworm can be found in wood and timber building foundations, woodwork and joinery – doors, window frames, roof timbers, floorboards, joists and rafters - and structural beams on aged, historic or period properties.

Wood Preservers and Treatments

Protecting Wood Against Rotting, Fungi and Surface Moulds

Strong cleaning agents, like Jotun Demidekk Terrassfix, are ideal for exterior decking. Slowly dispersed in wood penetration for improved effect over standard wood preservation products, it can help tackle the expense of continued rotting wood and timber.

Wood Sealers

Zinsser SealCoat™ is a fantastic sanding sealer, protecting the surface from any future strong solvent-based coatings. It also improves the adhesion properties of solvent-based polyurethane, water-based polyurethane, lacquer and other clear finishes.

Interior wood types SealCoat™ acts as a sealer for, include oak, maple, chestnut, mahogany, walnut, birch, poplar, cherry and more. Recommended surfaces are panelling, moulding, trim, doors, cabinets, and furniture.

Preventing Staining on Knotted or Resinous Timber

We have several products for the successful sealing of knotted or resinous areas of wood, to prevent staining of future paint films. Coo-Var Patent Knotting is a low viscosity, translucent brown, shellac based product. Blackfriar Patent Knotting is a translucent amber colouring that is made from pure shellac and methylated spirit, and is ideal for new wood, or wood stripped or burnt-off prior to priming.

Additional Support

Please contact Rawlins Paints’ Technical Team if you require wood preparation advice for fire retardant or intumescent treatments, as these will require more specialist products not listed here.