List of products by manufacturer Zeroflame

Manufacturer Overview

Simple, straightforward and comprehensive, Zeroflame’s fire protecting coatings are accessible for non-specialists as well as for professionals. Zeroflame distribute throughout the UK and Ireland with a focus on fire retardant paint and fire retardant coatings that can be used by DIYers, as well as professionals for any building project.

Zeroflame fire retardant paint

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint is a flame paint that’s easy to use on ceilings, timber surfaces and internal plaster walls. Two coats of the matt white paint for wood will reach Class 0 and Class 1 Fire Protection and Spread of Flame. You can leave it as a white finish or it can be painted over with most acrylic paints to get the colour you want. The fire retardant coating comes with full certification with every product purchased.

     Zeroflame Fire Protection Paint

Zeroflame Aquasteel WB+

Zeroflame Aquasteel WB+ is an intumescent coating that protects structural steel. An alternative to cladding steel members with fire retardant plasterboard, Aquasteel can protect most standard steel sizes. It provides up to 1 hour fire resistance on structural steel and is tested to international standards.

Zeroflame Aquasteel WB+ Finish is a topcoating finish to go over Zeroflame Aquasteel WB+ to give you the colour and finish you want.

Zeroflame fire retardant treatment

This fire protection solution for timber is a clear fluid that soaks deep inside the timber. It can be used on interior or exterior timber and achieves British Standard Class 0 Fire Protection and Spread of Flame. The high level of fire protection typically lasts for the entire lifetime of the wood surface.

Check back for price changes, discounts and deals to ensure that your fire retardant treatment and paint is the best possible price for you. 

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