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Created in Belgium in the 1970's, Zinga provides both active and passive protection to metal surfaces such as galvanising, without the need for topcoats. Applied like a paint with brush, roller or spray, the film galvanising system can be overcoated with a minimum of preparation, working with the metal beneath to protect against corrosion. Zinga is designed to be a stand-alone system but can be used as a shop primer or in a duplex system, and for touching up and repairing worn and damaged hot-dip galvanized or metal-sprayed structures.

Zinga has been used across the world on structures such as cement plants, dams, water turbines, power plants, bridges and airports. At Rawlins Paints we stock the full range of Zinga products, including spray aerosols, and Zinga coatings developed for marine use, such as ship hulls and immersed surfaces.

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Zinga is a one-component anti-corrosion zinc coating system that provides cathodic protection to steel comparable with hot-dip galvanising, with the added advantage that it can be applied as though it were a paint, and is certified to not spread flame or create smoke (BS476 parts 6&7). Can protect longer than hot-dip galvanising (at the...

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Zinga Alu ZM

Alu ZM, a quick-drying one-pack coating for use as an aluminium topcoat on Zinga or applied directly onto old, uncorroded hot-dip galvanised or thermal sprayed zinc substrates. One pack system Topcoat for Zinga Apply by brush or sprayer Not to be applied by a roller Touch dry in 25 minutes, full cured in 24 hours Coverage...

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Zinga Aluspray

Aluspray, a finishing coat that improves the aesthetic of Zinga in a handy and economical 500ml aerosol spray can. Ideal for spot treatment on small areas and touching up HDG, metallisation or previously treated Zinga surfaces. Efficient and solid Aluminium colour (~RAL 9006: comparable to hot-dip) Good resistance to mechanic shocks,...

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Zinga Aquazinga

Aquazinga, a two-pack anti-corrosion system providing cathodic protection to ferrous metals, and can be used as an alternative to hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation. Designed to withstand high temperatures (up to 600°C) and corrosive environments and severe conditions such as ballast tanks, turbine exhausts and high-heat pipelines....

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Zinga PU Thinner 05

Zinga PU Thinner 05, specifically for use with Zinga Zingaceram PU, a 2-pack system with ceramic particles for high chemical and abrasion resistance in tough environments, such as dust and wind-blown sand. Please note - This product is only available on a 7-10 Working Day delivery option.

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Zinga Thinner 41

Use Zinga Thinner 41 to dilute Zinga Zingalufer (formerly Alufer N) and Zingatarfree (formerly PU Tar Free MIO) for use with sprayers during application.

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Zinga Thinner HS

Use Zinga Thinner HS to dilute Zinga Zingaceram HS to provide optimal use by brush, roller or spray application.

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Zinga Zingaceram HS

Zingaceram HS (Formerly Zingaceram EP MIO HS), a high solid 2 pack intermediate coat to be applied as a sealer over Zinga. The coating has been used on both structural steelwork (for multi-million pound projects) and on sub-sea pipelines. 2 pack system Seals Zinga with good compatibility Apply by brush, roller, conventional sprayer or by...

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Zinga Zingaceram PU

Zingaceram PU, a 2-pack system with ceramic particles for high chemical and abrasion resistance in tough environments, such as dust and wind-blown sand. Recommended for use as a top coat finish in a Zinga system. Available in more than 180 RAL colours Topcoat 2-pack system for Zinga Apply by brush, roller, conventional sprayer or airless...

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Zinga Zingalufer

Zingalufer, previously known as Alufer N, an intermediate layer or topcoat for existing layers of Zinga in immersed or chemical environments, such as ship hulls and sewage works, providing a protective seal against salt and chemical exposure. Apply by brush, roller, conventional sprayers or aireless spray One pack system Dry in as little...

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Zinga Zingaluspray

Zingaluspray, a cross between the original Zingaspray and Aluspray in a handy 500ml aerosol spray can for touching up and repairing galvanising. Containing more aluminium flakes for a galvanised look, the spray still contains 92% Zinc in the dry film and provides cathodic protection to ferrous metals. Very economical - ideal for small...

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Zinga Zingasolv

Zingasolv is the recommended thinner to be used with Zinga, Zingalu and Alu ZM when spraying. It can also be used for cleaning equipment.

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Zinga's comprehensive range of metal protection coatings includes primers, sealers, sprays, topcoats and solvents that can be applied on site. The one component zinc rich coating or Film Galvanising System contains 96% zinc (dust) in its dry film, with the purity of the zinc used so high that dry ZINGA does not contain any toxic elements. Simple to apply and re-coat with minimal preparation, Zinga delivers a higher standard of surface finish.