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Manufacturer Overview

Zinsser products, including their hugely popular Perma White paint, provide alternate and improved solutions for wallcovering, internal paint, external paint, AllCoat exterior gloss and exterior satin paint, tile paint, anti mould paint and mildew resistant paint.

Innovative Zinsser products

Since its inception in 1849, Zinsser has constantly evolved and developed its product range, in response to the changing needs of the painting, decorating and wallcovering professional. Zinsser is recognised as a brand synonymous with unique, effective and user-friendly products and is responsible for introducing many industry firsts.

      Zinsser Paints

Wallpaper solutions

Zinsser introduced DIF® Wallpaper Stripper to make the messy business of removing wallpaper easy and fast. The first commercial wallpaper stripper on the market, DIF® uses enzyme action to swiftly and effectively remove uncoated wallpaper without damaging walls or tools. 

Effective primer sealers

Another Zinsser innovation, B-I-N® is a shellac primer, sealer and stain killer for use on interior and exterior surfaces. The primer can stick to glossy surfaces and will block stubborn stains, including water stains, oil stains, marker pen stains and nicotine. B-I-N® can also block odour and can be used on ceilings, walls, paintable surfaces and exterior metal, PVC, wood and trim.

For a water-based universal primer, Zinsser have developed Bulls Eye® 1-2-3, which works as effectively as a solvent-based primer. It’s quick drying, easy to apply and primes and seals interior and exterior surfaces. Perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere with high humidity as it prolongs the life of the paint by providing resistance to fungus. The next generation of this product, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus also works on water stains, oil stains, fire damage and smoke damage.

Zinsser AllCoat paints

Zinsser Perma-White, the first anti-mould and mildew-proof paint, is incredibly popular with professional and amateur painters, thanks to its guaranteed long lasting finish. Zinsser AllCoat exterior paints are an industry standard, with their coverage properties and ease of use.

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