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Zinsser Paints produce problem-solving products in 4,400+ colours, including the AllCoat range, which is also available in Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey, for professional contractors and DIYers. Use the sidebar (or mobile) filter to see colour options, select what surface you wish to use Zinsser products on, or filter by base type (water or solvent based), whether a product is for internal or external use, application method and more.

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Zinsser Cover Stain

Zinsser Cover Stain is an all-surface, all-purpose, oil-based primer, sealer, and stain killer for interior and exterior use For use on difficult to paint surfaces Sticks to all surfaces without sanding Seals water, smoke and nicotine stains Zinsser’s best exterior wood sealer Blocks cedar and redwood bleed Touch dry in 35 minutes...

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Zinsser Cover Stain Aerosol

Zinsser Cover Stain Aerosol is an interior / exterior primer, sealer, stain sealer and bond coat that dries for recoat in just two hours. Features and Benefits:  Ideal for spot work and priming small objects Interior and exterior Seals Water, smoke and nicotine stains Sticks to all surfaces without sanding Best exterior wood sealer...

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Need Help?

Need Help?

Zinsser products, including their hugely popular Perma White paint, provide alternate and improved solutions for troublesome and problematic surfaces. The wide range of Zinsser’s professional finish paints and coatings available to buy today at Rawlins Paints include some of the leading trade wallcovering products, internal and external paints, AllCoat exterior gloss and exterior satin paints, tile paint, anti mould paint and mildew resistant paint. Many Zinsser paints can be found in the multi-surface category, as their products can be used across a range of substrates and materials, in hundreds of colours and matt, gloss and satin finishes. These products include:

    • Water-based primers
    • Solvent-based primers
    • High performance, low VOC primer-sealers
    • Shellac-based primer-sealers
    • Products for long-term prevention of mould and mildew
    • Enzyme based products to remove wallpaper easily
    • AllCoat paint range
    • Wallcovering products
    • Interior and exterior paint
    • Anti-mould and mildew resistant paint

Zinsser paints and coatings for all surfaces

One of the popular attributes of Zinsser paints’ collection of interior mould, damp and mildew tacking products is there are low VOC primers and sealers which can be quickly applied by brush or roller in rooms which sufficient ventilation. Another is the range of colours available on Zinsser’s exterior and interior coatings – ideal for retail departments, shops, and commercial premises who prefer to brand colour match where applicable.

Questions posted to Rawlins Paints’ blog and the FAQ section of products across our site regularly see a wide range of queries benefiting from Zinsser’s stain blocking paints and primers. Now one of the UK’s leading specialist paint brands, from trade to commercial, and medical centres to the industrial sector, Zinsser paints and coatings offer the products our customers need to tackle renovation and refurbishment work, head on:

  • Cleaners and degreasers for preparation work
  • Specialist finishes that last for years
  • Primers for dealing with problematic and low-adhesion surfaces – such as steel, or glossy and slick surfaces in kitchen areas
  • Semi-flexible coatings for bitumen and asphalt
  • Paints suitable for galvanised metal, plastic, UPVC, glass, MDF, fibreglass, denatured, knotted or resinous timber
  • Stain blocking primers for stubborn water stains, grime, grease, nicotine and oil stains
  • Odour blocking primers for areas damaged by fire and smoke, or food and drink spills on porous surfaces
  • Adhesion promoting primers for surfaces that are difficult to paint on – such as ceramic tiles
  • Clear sealers for brickwork
  • All-in-one primer and finish products for small tasks and areas where minimum downtime is required
  • Masonry paints for highly porous surfaces like fletton brick
  • Durable paints to cover rust-stained surfaces
  • Paints for metal and plastisol cladding, friable exterior walls and masonry which can offer up-to 15 years’ protection
  • Waterproof paints for interior and exterior use on walls and ceilings
  • Wallpaper strippers, and paints to cover over vinyl wallpaper
  • Graffiti covering exterior coatings
  • Specialist paints to cover woodstained or varnished wood
  • Masonry coatings to paint over efflorescence
  • Paints for high-humidity areas
  • Hygiene and scrubbable coatings for medical facilities, schools and areas of food preparation
  • And more – please contact us if there is a problem you cannot find on our site by Zinsser

Innovative Zinsser products

Since its inception in 1849, Zinsser has constantly evolved and developed its product range, in response to the changing needs of the painting, decorating and wallcovering professional. Zinsser is recognised as a brand synonymous with unique, effective and user-friendly products and is responsible for introducing many industry firsts.

Wallpaper solutions

Zinsser introduced DIF® Wallpaper Stripper to make the messy business of removing wallpaper easy and fast. The first commercial wallpaper stripper on the market, DIF® uses enzyme action to swiftly and effectively remove uncoated wallpaper without damaging walls or tools.

Instead of removing old and tarnished wallpaper with DIF® Wallpaper Stripper, a number of Zinsser paints can be applied directly to bright and garish wallpaper, to cover it and prevent any damp, mould or mildew stains from recurring.

Effective primer and sealers

Another Zinsser innovation, B-I-N® is a shellac primer, sealer and stain killer for use on interior and exterior surfaces. The primer can stick to glossy surfaces and will block stubborn stains, including water stains, oil stains, marker pen stains and nicotine. B-I-N® can also block odour and can be used on ceilings, walls, paintable surfaces and exterior metal, PVC, wood and trim.

For a water-based universal primer, Zinsser have developed Bulls Eye® 1-2-3, which works as effectively as a solvent-based primer. It’s quick drying, easy to apply and primes and seals interior and exterior surfaces. Perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere with high humidity as it prolongs the life of the paint by providing resistance to fungus. The next generation of this product, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus also works on water stains, oil stains, fire damage and smoke damage.

Zinsser AllCoat paints

Zinsser Perma-White, the first anti-mould and mildew-proof paint, is incredibly popular with professional contractors and amateur painters, thanks to its guaranteed long lasting finish. Zinsser AllCoat exterior paints are an industry standard, with their coverage properties and ease of use.