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How To Paint Woodstained Or Varnished Surfaces

Our 3-step guide below explains how to paint over varnish, preparing and finishing woodstained or varnished surfaces effectively, without all the tedious sanding, using Zinsser products to prime, seal and decorate quickly. Quick Links Click below to jump to section: The Benefits Step 1. Surface Preparation Step 2. Priming Step 3. Decoration Note More Information Further Reading   The Benefits ...

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Polyurethane Varnish for Wood

Polyurethane varnish being used on a library floor

Polyurethane varnish for wood can be used on doors, window frames, floors and other joinery structures. Providing a tough finish, they are great for protecting wood against abrasive scuffs, knocks and scratches. So, if you are looking for more a durable and protective wood finish than wood oils offer, for bare woods or previously stained/varnished surfaces, Rawlins Paints have a ...

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