Rawlins Paints - the UK's leading industrial paint suppliers.

Welcome to Rawlins Paints. We are one of the UK's leading industrial paint suppliers of brands and manufacturers including Rust-Oleum, Jotun and Sika, offering one of the widest ranges of industry specialist paints and coatings. Established in 1873, we have over 140 years of experience in advising and supplying paint to the trade. As a family run business, we value every customer and their needs, and pride ourselves on being able to offer friendly, expert advice to every customer no matter their business size or spend. We stock thousands of fire retardant paints and sprays, intumescent paints for steel and cast iron, heat resistant paints and coloured coatings, hygienic coatings, industrial and durable commercial floor paints, chemically resistant systems, exterior and all weather cladding paints, safety and security coatings for commercial and industrial purposes, emergency roof paints and repair materials, concrete and garage floor paint, anti-slip solutions and more. You can call our experts for technical advice or simply order online today.

Why Rawlins?

We're confident you'll enjoy trading with us, here's why:
 •  We go the Extra Mile - We can arrange to visit site and produce a tailored specification for your project for free.
 •  We're Honest - We provide unbiased advice and only sell products we are prepared to stand by.
 •  We're Experts - We offer the one of the widest range of high performance paints and coatings available.
 •  Our Price Promise means that you can be sure you're getting our best price and service.
 •  Our technical team offer straight forward, practical advice from 140 years of dependable experience.
 •  We're Quick! - Next day nationwide delivery, even to site if preferred.
 •  We Understand Time is Money - We promise to provide a solution to your enquiry the same day, because we understand the importance of a quick turnaround.

Offering a HUGE product range

At Rawlins we have the widest range of products from the industry's leading suppliers. Because we are independent and not tied to any supplier we can help you get the right solution for your project from all of the options available across the industry. Our dedicated team of experts can help the trade professional win more business and deliver better solutions to their clients. They are here to help you throughout the entire course of your project: from assisting with tenders, specifications and quotes; to offering on-the-job advice. Not only that, all of our experts come from a background of applying professional coatings; that means that they understand the practical benefits of the products they advise you on, not just the theory behind them.

 •  Bids and tenders
 •  Specifications
 •  Quotations
 •  Quantity estimations
 •  Product sourcing
 •  Compatible material sourcing
 •  Practical advice from experienced experts

From start to finish, we've got it covered.

Our help and advice promise: We believe our products should be sold with a service, not just bought. That's why we want you to take advantage of our years of knowledge and experience to help you with your projects. Before, during and after your job is complete we're here for you, to turn to for expert advice – we'll never leave you on your own.

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  • Primers & Sealers
  • Medium Use
  • Heavy Use
From £59.54 + VAT

401 Epoxy Floor Primer is a clear primer, especially formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a... Read More

From £85.05 + VAT

Provides a clear, glossy, tack free surface, even in cool, damp conditions. Cures rapidly and is a... Read More

From £35.75 + VAT

A 1-component, water-based, concrete sealer based on a vinyl acrylic binder. It reduces dust... Read More

From £26.48 + VAT

A quick drying, single pack, industrial floor coating designed to be easy to use, versatile and... Read More

From £47.72 + VAT

A quick drying, single pack, water based acrylic floor paint for foot traffic and occasional... Read More

From £41.46 + VAT

302 Epoxy Ester Floor Paint provides a more durable finish than conventional single pack floor... Read More

From £61.24 + VAT

303 Epoxy Floor Paint is a high performance, water dispersible epoxy coating for the protection... Read More

From £70.17 + VAT

304 HD Epoxy Floor Coating is a two-pack solvent-free high-build epoxy resin system for... Read More

From £68.99 + VAT

A user friendly and easy to apply water-based 2 component epoxy floor coating with an ultimate... Read More

Walls & Ceilings

  • Preparation
  • Exterior Masonry Paints
  • Multi Surface Paints
From £14.03 + VAT

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is a water-based all surface, all purpose primer, sealer & stainkiller. It... Read More

From £9.75 + VAT

A unique water-based sealer for porous and potential problem surfaces. Gardz® is formulated to... Read More

From £8.35 + VAT

Zinsser Peel Stop is a clear, flexible bridging sealer for surfaces where peeling, flaking,... Read More

From £116.52 + VAT

A smooth, exterior decorative and protective wall coating which produces a hard wearing, long... Read More

From £49.76 + VAT

Impregnates surfaces for superior water repellency and resistance to dirt, stains and grime using... Read More

From £46.91 + VAT

A tried and tested quality Rust-Oleum coating for waterproofing any exterior walls. An elastic,... Read More

From £16.69 + VAT

An ultimate performance, satin finish, all surface paint designed to offer up to 8 years... Read More

From £15.62 + VAT

Bedec Multi Surface Paint is ideal as a decorative, protective coating for most building surfaces... Read More

From £81.93 + VAT

A multi-surface primer, sealer and finish for interior applications. It is perfect for large... Read More

Fire Protection

  • Timber & Plasterboard
  • Steel - Intumescent Paint
  • Door Upgrade Kits
  • Flame Retardant Topcoats
From £96.90 + VAT

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint will achieve Class 1 and Class 0 on timber surfaces, and will... Read More

From £133.49 + VAT

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is a clear solution that soaks into the surface to leave the... Read More

From £122.23 + VAT

A clear fire retardant solution that upgrades suitable bare interior and exterior timber surfaces... Read More

From £156.64 + VAT

Rawlins Paints’ brand of 1002 Fire Retardant Varnish is a clear fire retardant varnish system to... Read More

From £96.96 + VAT

A high performance Intumescent paint for bare or previously painted timber, timber derived... Read More

From £56.70 + VAT

The new standard of protection for interior walls and ceilings. Offering more effective and longer... Read More

From £46.39 + VAT

Aquasteel WB+ is an intumescent paint from Zeroflame that provides 30 and 60 minutes fire... Read More

From £51.98 + VAT

Brosteel Ultra 60, from Bollom, is a revolutionary new thin-film waterborne intumescent paint... Read More

From £307.22 + VAT

Bollom Fireshield Ultra Universal Intumescent Basecoat is a single pack solvent-based intumescent... Read More

From £72.00 + VAT

Thermocoat W is an economical, water based intumescent paint system providing fire resistance to... Read More

From £84.84 + VAT

1004 Intumescent Steel Coating is a smooth, water based intumescent paint designed to provide up... Read More

From £130.52 + VAT

Jotun Steelmaster 60WB is a one component waterborne acrylic thin film intumescent coating... Read More

From £116.68 + VAT

Rawlins Paints' Fire Door Paint upgrades normal timber flat panel, raised and fielded and ledged... Read More

From £144.32 + VAT

Our Fire Door Varnish upgrades normal timber flat panel, raised and fielded and ledged and braced... Read More

From £6.99 + VAT

30 minute intumescent strips, which act as fire and smoke seals for fire door assemblies. Will... Read More

From £53.54 + VAT

Zeroflame Aquasteel WB+ Finish is an exceptionally hard wearing decorative finish for application... Read More

From £45.58 + VAT

Bollom Flameguard Ultra Gloss is a Class 0 rated protective and decorative top coat for interior... Read More

From £68.37 + VAT

Bollom Flameguard Ultra Acrylic Eggshell is a Class 0 rated protective and decorative top coat for... Read More

From £61.93 + VAT

Bollom Flameguard Ultra Vinyl Matt is a Class 0 rated protective and decorative top coat for... Read More

From £64.18 + VAT

Bollom Flameguard Ultra Primer / Undercoat is a specialist adhesion promoting, stain blocking... Read More

From £51.03 + VAT

A range of decorative flame retardant paint finishes for use over 1003 Fire Retardant Basecoat,... Read More