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Removing and Preventing Graffiti


Graffiti and graffiti removal have a longstanding history. It dates back to Roman Times and it’s been around in one way or another ever since. Graffiti removal is needed everywhere and at every level – as a private property owner, landlord, or as a council. For instance, the city council of Oxford spent more than £73k on graffiti removal in 2014/15, and ...

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Street Art – Is It Criminal or Beautiful?

Street art often causes debates as we can’t always agree – is it criminal or beautiful? Some street art can turn the drabbest surroundings into something colourful and exciting. However, negative or messy graffiti is often unwanted on any property! It seems that often we are more agreeable when the art is something that compliments the area and makes a ...

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The Best Workshop Spaces That Every Man Will Wish He Had

Workshop spaces can be the ultimate man cave (or woman cave!). It’s somewhere you can escape to and concentrate on the project at hand. Having the right set up will change the way you work – it’s incredible how a few small changes can make a huge difference to your workshop!  Before you start dreaming try out some of these ...

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10 Ways to Utilise Your Garage Space More Effectively

The garage for many of us quickly becomes a dumping ground, with boxes you may not have looked into for years! It might seem like a daunting task to tackle your garage, but with a few of these tips you can quickly turn it around. If you use the space more effectively you’re less likely to end up with a ...

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Foolproof Methods for Removing and Preventing Graffiti

Although graffiti can make great art (check out this Tribute to Graffiti), you don’t want it on your walls. When you own a business it’s an even bigger concern! It looks unprofessional and messy if your walls are covered in graffiti. Luckily, there are products out there than can help you to prevent and remove graffiti. Removal To remove graffiti ...

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