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Looking for the Best Eggshell Paints?

Mixing leftover paint

Some of the most commonly asked online “painting and decorating” questions are “what is and where can I buy eggshell paint?”, “can you paint uPVC doors and windows?”, “how do I get a chalky/vintage paint finish?” or “can I paint over gloss paint?”. Then directly below we list the best products you can buy at Rawlins for these problematic decoration ...

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The Best Garden Paints for Sheds, Barbecues, Decking & Fences

Even though the UK seems to be getting one of those nice British summers, we are getting a few sunny days in between the cloudiness and rain. If you haven’t already tackled your garden earlier in the year and you are looking for some inspirations to spruce up that garden, please read on for our tips on garden paints. Apart ...

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Paint Colour Chart Guide

Paint Colour Chart Guide – Using An Industrial Sized Palette Until recently, the names of paint colours had gone under the rainbow radar and had merely been a curiosity to people simply wanting a nice shade of green. Then, however, the choice of shades could become overwhelming and not knowing how exactly to colour match it to what was previously ...

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Fire retardant paint and intumescent coatings

Fireproof internal wooden structures and frames

Can anyone apply fire retardant paints and intumescent coatings? Or do you need a specialist applicator? On a mobile or in a rush? Check out our selection below: Intumescent paints Fire retardant paints You don’t always need an expert for certain painting applications. Before you hire a professional, why not consider doing the work yourself? You can save money and ...

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Protecting Exposed Steel In Your Extension From Fire

Extensions are extremely useful, on residential and commercial properties alike. They can be used to create space for storage, offices, workrooms, playrooms and much more. If your extension has exposed steelwork, you will need to protect it from potential fire damage. Exposed steelwork can either be practical or make an interesting design feature. Although steel is a sturdy material, you ...

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