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3 Scenarios When Hygiene Paint Should be Used

Hygiene paint may not always spring to mind as your first choice for a painting job, but in some cases it’s an excellent choice. If you’ve not come across it before, hygiene paint is a specialist paint, which is ideal for anywhere hygiene is essential to the environment. Read on to find out three different scenarios you can use hygiene paint in, and how it can help you!


Scenario 1: Painting hallways in a hospital

Hospitals are high-traffic buildings, often with heavy footfall. It’s paramount in medical environments that hygiene standards are exceptional, making hygiene paint an essential. If you were to decorate the hallways in a hospital, you’d need to consider the heavy footfall, moving wheeled-stretchers and more. Coo-Var Guard-Coat is an anti-microbial coating. This means it actually discourages the growth of bacteria on your surface. Not only that, but it is exceptionally hard wearing and is suitable for floors and walls in any situation where hygiene is extremely important.


Scenario 2: Touching up a commercial kitchen

If you work in the food industry, from anywhere from a cafe to a restaurant, it’s likely you’ll have some kind of food storage or pantry on site. Even if you’re storing packaged and sealed things on shelves, you’ll want to make sure it’s as hygienic as possible. Not only that, but the area in which you prepare food needs to be clear too. With Rust-Oleum Biosan Aqua Matt, you can achieve a durable finish, that helps you to maintain a hygienic environment too. This wall coating is easy to apply on woodwork, masonry, plaster or concrete and is available in thousands of colours!! In the coating, the unique antibacterial agent has been scientifically proven to kill most types of bacteria – even ‘superbugs.’ When you’re preparing or storing food hygiene is important, but you don’t have to worry about budget or compromise on colour schemes with Rust-Oleum Biosan Aqua Matt.


Scenario 3: Decorating rooms at a nursery

In schools for younger children, bright colours are often preferred, particularly in nurseries and primary schools. In these kinds of situations, you’ll also want to think about hygiene and anti-bacterial protection. When you’re cleaning your environment regularly, you’ll find that paint tends to wear down and flake quickly. With Sikagard 203 W (Steridex),  you can achieve bright colours on internal walls and ceilings, without having to worry about it cracking and flaking. Sikagard 203 W is perfect for anywhere with messy children, as it has good resistance to regular cleaning routines. It also creates a tough, durable finish that is easy to clean – perfect for schools. By using the recommended basic two coat system, all the way to the double reinforcement for higher demand areas.

There are many more situations you can use hygiene paints in – it doesn’t stop there! Need some ideas? Just speak to Rawlins Paints.

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