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Roof Repair: How to fix a leaking flat roof

Water leaking through the ceiling

The Leaking Flat Roof Repair Guide In December 2015, Rawlins Paints published an article about how to repair your flat roof, and it received great feedback and further requests to do a follow up roof repair article. Who are we to not write about subjects we love? Read that article here. Viewing on mobile? Want to shop the flat roof fixes ...

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How to Upgrade The Fire Resistance Of Doors

Ever wondered how to upgrade a normal door into a fire door, or upgrading existing doors to fire doors? Fire safety is something you should always be thinking about. Everything from internal walls and ceilings, exterior cladding, structural steel to interior doors should be considered. Avoiding fire safety measures, and the maintenance that comes along with them can result in ...

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How To Paint Over Indoor Graffiti

An issue for businesses, schools and landlords, our 3-step guide shows you how to quickly and easily paint over indoor graffiti and tagging – preventing bleed through –  using Zinsser products, with the powerful stain-blocking B-I-N Primer Sealer and PermaWhite Interior available in over 350 colours and 3 finishes. You can find more “How-to” guides, such as painting over exterior ...

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How To Paint Over Vinyl Wallpaper

Businesses and landlords can save considerable time and money by painting over old vinyl wallpaper, blocking dark colours and bold patterns, stained surfaces and odours with Zinsser’s high adhesion products. Our 3-step guide below shows you how to prepare, prime and decorate over vinyl wallpaper properly, finishing with a topcoat available in over 350 colours. This allows for a fast ...

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How To Paint Over Glossy/Slick Surfaces (Odourless Method)

Transform glossy and slick surfaces in just a few hours with our simple to follow, 3 step guide using super-adhesive Zinsser products, and finishing in over 60 RAL colours and shades. Contents Click on a link below to jump to the section: Zinsser Paint Plastisol Products The Benefits Step 1. Surface Preparation Step 2. Priming Step 3. Decoration More Information ...

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DIY: Restoring Old Wooden Floorboards

Are your wooden floorboards getting you down? We don’t often realise how much old flooring can reduce the overall appeal of a room. If you don’t take care of your wooden surfaces, they’ll quickly deteriorate and start to look less impressive. Wooden floorboards can add either a modern or a rustic feel – depending on how you choose to finish ...

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How To Paint Interior Mildew Areas

An easy-to-follow 3-step guide for painting over interior mildew, showing you how to prepare and prime the surface for finishing with Zinsser’s decorative Perma-White anti-mildew paint to block fungal degradation. See our blog post “Quick & Cost-Effective Ways To Paint Over Mould” for help with interior mould, and check out our further reading section for more solutions for painting problems. ...

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How To Paint Brickwork

Painting brickwork requires a good-quality primer to ensure excellent topcoat adhesion. Our 4-step guide will show you how to properly prepare and prime brickwork prior to painting in over 350 colours. See our other blog post on “How To Paint Fletton Brick” and see below for more articles on painting exterior walls. Contents Click on a link below to jump ...

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