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No Need to Replace Your Tiles, Just Paint Them!

Are you bored of your existing tiles? After a while, you might just want to change your colour scheme or design and there shouldn’t be anything to stop you! Redecorating tiles is hard work, as often it means you have to remove and replace your tiles. But what if we told you you could simply paint them!?


You can decorate old and tired looking kitchen tiles using tile paints – they’re astonishingly versatile. Follow the steps so you can paint your tiles and give them a makeover!


As with any job, you should always clean the surface well first. Remove any dirt, loose tile or anything that may obscure the finish of your paint. Once it’s clean and sparkling, you’ll have a better surface to work with.


Before you start to paint, invest in some masking tape so you can cover edges and trims, and anywhere you don’t want to paint. Remember to cover the floor and any other surfaces you don’t want to get paint on.



Normally at this stage we’d be advising you to use a special primer that will adhere to the tiles, BUT that’s the beauty of many of the multi-surface and tile paints available at Rawlins – they don’t need a primer! Multi surface paints can be applied directly to the cleaned tiles, and their superior quality means that it easily adheres to the surface. If you want to do anything at this stage a light sand would be the most beneficial before application.


After the preparation stages you can simply paint your tiles in a colour of your choice! Tile paints come in a great range of colours, so there is plenty of choice. As well as being a decorative paint, they also a protective coating that resists flaking or peeling by being extra flexible.


If you already have existing paint on your tiles, it’ll bond to most other paints – even varnishes! Choose a finish that suits the environment you’re decorating. There’s satin, matt and gloss finishes. When painting, you can even get creative with stencils and paint patterns onto the tiles.

The other great reason you should paint your tiles with a durable tile paint, is that it doesn’t yellow and is easy to clean with water.

If you’ve never considered painting your tiles before – just think about how much time you can save when you don’t have to replace all of your tiles.  It’s so easy to paint over them, that you can switch up the colour whenever it takes your fancy. Time to get painting!

Note: This system is not suitable for areas receiving high levels of wear or water contact such as floors, bar tops, shower enclosures, etc. If your project is in one of these areas please contact our Technical Team.


  1. Can I use your tile paint on the tiles behind my woodburning stove?

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