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Anti-Vandal Paint and the Law

Have you ever wondered what anti-vandal paint is or what it’ll do for you? Today we’re going to talk about why you may need to use it and recommend which are the best products to use.

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What is anti-vandal paint?

Anti-vandal paint is fairly self-explanatory. It’s designed to deter criminals from trying to access your building. The paint usually has a slippery finish in order to make it hard to climb a surface. It’s usually a dark paint so it’s likely you won’t want it all over your building. However it can be very useful on surfaces such as drain pipes, wall tops and fences.

What’s the law?


Whether it’s your house or your place of work, you legally have a duty of care towards anyone who enters your property. Even to trespassers! If a burglar climbs a surface you’ve painted and falls, you have a duty of care to that person.

However, don’t worry. If you clearly sign that you’re using anti-vandal paint, you can discharge your duty of care. If you use a deterrent which stains the clothes of someone trying to access your property, you want to make sure that innocent passers-by know that it’s there.

It is not recommended for use on surfaces in areas which are subject to legitimate daily contact and it is also recommended that it not be applied to surfaces within 7 feet (2.1m) of the ground level.

Which anti-climb paint to use?


We recommend using Coo-Var Vandalene Anti Climb Paint if you want a simple and effective deterrent. This paint can be used almost anywhere! You’ll want to apply it on window ledges, pipes, walls and even gutters. Think of any places where a trespasser could get access to your building. You can get it in black, red, green or grey to match your colour scheme.

This paint works by giving your surface a thick, non-drying sticky coat, making surfaces tricky to grip. More than tricky we should say – it’s almost impossible to climb with this paint!

To make your building even more secure, it contains a hidden identifier. If a burglar has tried to climb anywhere they’ll find themselves covered with the stuff! This means police can identify the perpetrators much more easily.

Deterrent Signs

To go with the paint, you can also get your hands on Coo-Var Vandalene Deterrent Signs. This way, you’re doing your part by warning visitors to your property. These signs make it very clear to passers-by and potential trespassers.

Many will find that the sign is a good deterrent for most people. Make sure that if you use signs they are clearly visible and at least two feet from the ground.

If you need any more information on anti-climb paints and accessories, get in touch.


  1. what will happen if a cats go onto hit will it deters them away

    • Good morning Kevin,

      These products cannot and should not be used for or on animals. If you go to the datasheets of the products, there are health and safety details on them, but the manufacturers do state that they are not to be used where animals have access points.

      If there’s anything else on this, Kevin, that we can help you with, please do let us know.

      Best regards.


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