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How to Maintain and Repair Flat Roofs


The roof of your building is always going to be a vital concern. If any damage comes to it, it can have an enormous effect on the rest of your building. It can be very expensive to replace an entire roof. But don’t panic, it’s possible to maintain and protect a roof so that it can last for years.


If you want to keep your roof in the best condition, you need to regularly check it.  Try to inspect your roof every six months. You want to look out for any heat or water damage that could affect the roof. If there’s been a bad storm or extreme weather we recommend you check your roof as soon as possible.


The more on top of checking your roof for issues you are, the easier it is to do any repairs. The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to cause permanent damage to your roof.

You want to make sure you regularly check seals and consider if they need any extra protection. You should also be cleaning away pools of water and any rubbish and debris that have ended up on the roof.  Debris and rubbish can turn into mulch; you could end up with a garden on top of your building!

If you’d rather have a professional opinion, check out the NFRC for an approved contractor.



If you need to refurbish your roof, GacoPro Roof Coating is a paint suitable for flat and pitched roofs. If your roof is made from asphalt, aged/weathered felt, steel, lead and so much more, you won’t even need to use a primer. You can apply it easily for a protective coating that will permanently protect you from leaks. As well as helping you out with leaks, it can help with ponding water and the damage severe weather causes.

It’s much more cost effective to refurbish your roof with a coating. The fact that it’s so easy to apply means you’ll save on labour costs! You’ll save time and cause less disruption to your building. GacoPro has the added bonus of being environmentally friendly, extending the life of your roof by a minimum of 20 years!

Have any questions about roof maintenance or repairs? Get in touch today.


  1. I am all for checking my roof every six months. However, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to tell there was a problem until it was really noticable. Would it be better to have a roofer come to check the roof every six months?

    • Good morning James,

      If the roof is in a state of disrepair or you have concerns about it coming up for the colder seasons, it could be advisable to seek a professional opinion. There is no harm in being overly cautious when it comes to roofing checks. Many of the products we supply do offer long-term solutions, but for peace of mind you may still choose to seek professional support or contact us for further technical support on a product and how to monitor its application effect over time.

      Best regards.

  2. I agree with this. roof maintenance is really the key to improve your roof’s longevity.

  3. Thank you for the helpful information on maintaining flat roofing. I didn’t realize how important it was to get your roof regularly inspected and that you should get it done about every six months. I will have to make sure that I stay on top of this so that I don’t have bigger problems in the future.

  4. this is some really good information about flat roofs. I have been considering moving into a new home that has a flat roof. I liked that you talked about how it would be smart to have a protective coating on roof updated regularly. That is good to know if I move into that home and I want to prevent leaks.

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