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The Greatest Sporting Stadiums Ever Created (And Their Colour-Schemes)

Sports stadiums are not only for practical reasons but for entertainment and bringing fans together. For many sports teams and fans, it’s exciting to visit your home stadium, more-so when it looks like a home of winners.

For this reason, sports teams will often invest time and money to make sure their stadiums are top of the line. Fans are not just paying for the chance to see their team, but the whole experience. When it comes to selling tickets, you must be able to offer the complete package and give something your supporters can be proud of.

With this in mind, the inspiring stadiums mentioned below could influence your next large scale decoration or renovation job!

The Beijing National Stadium


The Beijing National Stadium is a structure that will delight fans of architecture and sport. Not only does it function as an incredible Olympic venue, and now a multi-purpose stadium, but it has helped to create an exciting cultural hub and put Beijing on the map. The structure itself has an impressive silver finish, and many touches of red – a lucky colour in China.

For stadiums that have had work go into the architecture and metal structure, it is possible to rejuvenate the stadium with International Interthane 990. A colour like Platinum Grey with brighter highlights in another colour can create quite the impact! For the other colour, something that signifies the team or the location can finish off the final look of a stadium perfectly.

Wembley Stadium


Wembley Stadium here in the UK is one you may have even visited. This stadium is well known worldwide for it’s stand out structure and retractable sliding roof that is quite a sight. The arch that sits over Wembley stadium is breath-taking for first-time visitors making Wembley a household name. It’s often lit up to show off the design of the stadium.

For stadiums who can’t use lighting to show off the structure and design of the building, Sikagard 550 W Elastic could be used on concrete elements, to add pops of bright colours making it more impressive to look at. Additionally, you can also look to the interiors, to add that exciting colour scheme.

Memorial Stadium


If you can’t rely on the stadium structure itself to make an impression, go bright like many of the American football stadiums such as Memorial Stadium in Nebraska. This stadium is nicknamed the ‘sea of red’ as the red decorative elements reflect the colours of the local team.

Using a combination of Sikagard 550 W Elastic and International Interthane 990, even the most boring stadiums can be brought back to life with creative paint work. Like we mentioned earlier with the Beijing Stadium, using colours that represent the team or location can turn any stadium into something legendary amongst sports fans.

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