NCS 2050 – Natural Colour System have introduced 100 brand new, low chromatic colours which are excellent for use within architecture, interior design, and product design to improve and enhance the already extensive NCS Standard colour range. Even small differences in hue or shade can make a huge difference on a design project - NCS 2050 helps to inspire and enhance your creativity.

Natural Colour System is a scientifically based, proprietary perceptual colour model system that allows for accurate cross-industrial colour communication for designers and manufacturers, retailers and customers. The system is based entirely on the phenomenology of human perception and not on colour mixing.

NCS is a standardised colour communication system with its colour notations and accurate colour samples that provide the industry with the tools needed in order to always achieve the right colour on significant products.

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NCS 2050 Colours & Shades

NCS S 0502-Y20R
NCS S 0502-Y80R
NCS S 0601-B
NCS S 0601-G
NCS S 0601-R
NCS S 0601-Y
NCS S 1001-B
NCS S 1001-G
NCS S 1001-R
NCS S 1001-Y
NCS S 1002-Y20R
NCS S 1002-Y80R
NCS S 1502-Y20R
NCS S 1502-Y80R
NCS S 1505-B
NCS S 1505-B20G
NCS S 1505-B50G
NCS S 1505-B80G
NCS S 1505-G
NCS S 1505-G20Y
NCS S 1505-G50Y
NCS S 1505-R
NCS S 1505-R10B
NCS S 1505-R20B
NCS S 1505-R30B
NCS S 1505-R40B
NCS S 1505-R50B
NCS S 1505-R60B
NCS S 1505-R70B
NCS S 1505-R80B
NCS S 2002-Y20R
NCS S 2002-Y80R
NCS S 2502-B50G
NCS S 2502-G50Y
NCS S 2502-R50B
NCS S 2502-Y20R
NCS S 2502-Y50R
NCS S 2502-Y80R
NCS S 3005-B
NCS S 3005-B50G
NCS S 3005-G
NCS S 3005-R
NCS S 3005-Y
NCS S 3502-B50G
NCS S 3502-G50Y
NCS S 3502-R50B
NCS S 3502-Y20R
NCS S 3502-Y50R
NCS S 3502-Y80R
NCS S 4005-B
NCS S 4005-B50G
NCS S 4005-G
NCS S 4005-R
NCS S 4005-Y
NCS S 4502-B50G
NCS S 4502-G50Y
NCS S 4502-R50B
NCS S 4502-Y20R
NCS S 4502-Y50R
NCS S 4502-Y80R
NCS S 5005-B
NCS S 5005-B50G
NCS S 5005-G
NCS S 5005-R
NCS S 5005-Y
NCS S 5502-B50G
NCS S 5502-G50Y
NCS S 5502-R50B
NCS S 5502-Y20R
NCS S 5502-Y50R
NCS S 5502-Y80R
NCS S 6005-B
NCS S 6005-B50G
NCS S 6005-G
NCS S 6005-R
NCS S 6005-Y
NCS S 6502-B50G
NCS S 6502-G50Y
NCS S 6502-R50B
NCS S 6502-Y20R
NCS S 6502-Y50R
NCS S 6502-Y80R
NCS S 7005-B
NCS S 7005-B50G
NCS S 7005-G
NCS S 7005-R
NCS S 7005-Y
NCS S 8005-B
NCS S 8005-B50G
NCS S 8005-G
NCS S 8005-R
NCS S 8005-Y
NCS S 8505-B
NCS S 8505-B50G
NCS S 8505-G
NCS S 8505-G50Y
NCS S 8505-R
NCS S 8505-R50B
NCS S 8505-Y
NCS S 8505-Y50R