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Flat Roof and Pitched Roof Paints

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Flat roofs and pitched roofs can be demanding for roof coatings due to the potential standing water, the year round temperature changes and UV degradation. Due to these constant exposures to water and UV rays, it is vital that your flat roof is properly maintained with durable paints and coatings. At Rawlins Paints, we stock a range of tough, quality coatings that have been specifically designed for flat roofs. Whether you are looking for products to provide essential maintenance to your flat or pitched roof or you need a high performance coating for a new roof, we cover all these bases. If you are ever in doubt about whether a product is for flat roofs or pitched roofs, please check the product description, data-sheet or contact our Technical Team for advice on which roof paint will be best for your project.

Flat Roof Paints

When applied correctly, our products can provide up to 25 years of protection. Our products are suitable for a range of roofing materials, including felt, concrete, timber, asphalt and more. Our range of flat roof paints do not involve any hot works and are thus cold applied. This makes them safer in their use for both the user as well as the building. Most products are easily applied by brush, roller or spray, yet they provide optimal protection for your flat roofing.

Are you looking for a high performance paint as the first coat or embedment on the flat roof? 3M have developed a fantastic paint specifically for this, called 3M Skotchkote Poly-Tech EC 661. It will provide a waterproofing membrane that can even be used on other types of roofs, not just flat roofs. This flat roof paint from 3M can be applied in low temperatures. When used in conjunction with 3M Skotchkote Poly-Tech UV 662, these roof paints will provide at least 25 years of protection against the elements.

Flat Roof Repair Paints

In the cases where repairs are needed, Rawlins Paints stock a range of flat roof repair paint. These are paints and coatings that are ideal to stop leaks and other weak points in the roof’s surface.

Even if you are dealing with an urgent repair that has to be done in wet weather, there are solutions for this! Mathys have created a great coating that waterproofs instantly. Mathys Fillcoat provides a smooth liquid finish on not just roofs, but also for gutters, chimney stacks and pipes. It will seal small leaks quickly and easily, in all weather conditions.

We also stock our own brand of instant leak repair paint. Our 802 HB Waterproof Roof Coating is ideal for instant leak repairs for cracks up to 2mm. This coating will withstand rainfall immediately after application and is also ideal for general maintenance repairs.

Please browse our selection of Emergency Roof Repair Paints if any further repairs are needed. Or, read our comprehensive blog post on flat roof repairs here.

Waterproofing Paints

As with any roof surface, effective maintenance is essential to keep your flat roof waterproof and adequately protected against the elements. Rawlins Paints have a variety of waterproof paints for flat roofs that protect your roof surfaces for 5, 10 or even 25 years.

For example, Everbuild 906 Bitumen Roofing Emulsion is an economic bitumen emulsion that is great for a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, fibre/cement, felt, mastic asphalt, slates, tile, lead, zinc and more. It is generally used to seal leaky roofs, but it can also be used for general waterproofing, metal protection against corrosions and insulation.

We also stock GacoPro Roof Coating. This is a professional grade roof paint for flat roofs and it guarantees protection and waterproofing for 20 years in just 2 coats! This roof paint can be applied all year round, by brush, roller or spray. GacoPro Roof Coating protects permanently against leaks, ponding water and severe weather.

We offer technical advice on all products we stock and sell. If you have any questions about the best paint for your flat roof project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Pitched Roof Paints

Waterproof paint systems for pitched roofs offering up to 15 years protection for asbestos, bituminous surfaces, metal and more. Single pack, easy to apply paints that dry quickly and can extend the life of the roof without the need to replace. Our most popular requirements for pitched roofs include domestic tiled house roofs, outbuilding cement fibre or asbestos corrugated roofs and commercial metal clad corrugated roofs, in all instances we have a suitable roof paint and all that remains to decide is how you would like to apply it (brush, roller or spray) and how long you would like it to last as a minimum expectation. 

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