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Flat roofs can be demanding for roof coatings due to the potential standing water, the year-round temperature changes and UV degradation. Due to these constant exposures to water and UV rays, it is vital that your flat roof is properly maintained with durable paints and coatings. At Rawlins Paints, we stock a range of tough, high-quality pitched and flat roof paints and coatings that have been specifically designed for flat roofs. Whether you are looking for products to provide essential maintenance to your flat or pitched roof or you need a high-performance coating for a new roof, we cover all these bases. 

If you are ever in doubt about whether a product is for flat roofs or pitched roofs, please check the product description, data-sheet or contact our Technical Team for advice on which roof paint will be best for your project.

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Bullet Roof Mono

Bullet Roof Mono is formulated to the highest specification and can be applied over almost any surface with or without full reinforcement dependent on performance/specification requirements and can achieve life expectancies of up to 25 years. Moisture cured allowing application in most weather conditions Excellent adhesion to almost any...

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KoverTek TekPur Polyurethane System (2k)

KoverTek TekPur Polyurethane System (2k), a solvent free very low odour 2 part polyurethane system with a liquid activator and is a versatile product for use on new construction and refurbishment projects for roof weatherproofing and coating applications. High performance roof refurbishment/replacement system with TekVeil 95 reinforcement...

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KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kit

KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kits provide everything you need to complete 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 30m² roof areas. All kits are available in Grey or Black and include application tools as well as offering a 5 year guarantee*. Anti-Lichen formula 5 Year Material Guarantee* High solids for true ‘One Coat’ Solution Instant Shower...

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Rust-Oleum Mathys Dacfill HZ

Rust-Oleum Mathys Dacfill HZ is a 200% elastic water-based flat-roof system with a built-in fleece that is waterproof, vapour permeable and resistant against ponding water. Works after only an hour! Resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, heat, frost and pollution  Easy to apply with brush, roller or airless spray  Self-extinguishing...

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KoverTek TekGuard Flexi-GRP Kit

KoverTek TekGuard Flexi-GRP Kits provide a flexible, fire rated, waterproof GRP system on a variety of roofing surfaces. Making it ideal for use on existing flat or pitched roofs without the need to strip and replace the existing deck as is required for conventional GRP roofing systems. Each kit includes everything required (except trims,...

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Britannia Durashield

Britannia Durashield, a smooth, cold applied rubber based waterproofing system for a longer lasting seamless coating - a ten year life expectancy with just one coat over surfaces. Rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect No primer (except on porous/friable surfaces) Reduced labour costs Flexible elastomeric system...

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Tor Elastaseal Z Top Coat

Tor Elastaseal Z Top Coat (RC141) is a cold applied single pack, ultra high solids moisture activated elastomeric urethane coating free from solvent odour. A high build, heavy duty coating, free from solvent odour, that provides durable, long term protection for flat and pitched roofs. To be used as a fully reinforced weatherproofing system....

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Britannia Aquashield High Build

Britannia Aquashield High Build is a waterproofing coat for exterior pitched or flat roofs. Contains added fibres that interlace to cover up small gaps or cracks in the substrate. Works instantly Solvent based Rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect Can be applied by brush or roller Ideal for bitumen, metal,...

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Eagle Ultraflex Waterproof Roof Coating

Ultraflex Waterproof Roof Coating, a high-performance waterproofing system that can be used all year round on new and existing roofs, walkways, balconies, gutters, etc, with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, forming a seamless membrane that is fully cured and trafficable after 24 hours. Ready to use straight out of the tin -...

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KoverTek TekShield Premium GRP Roof Kit

KoverTek TekShield Premium GRP Roof Kits utilise KoverTek’s TekShield Roofing Resin Basecoat and Premium GRP Roofing Topcoat to create an easy to use kit with everything you need to complete 5, 10, 15 or 20m² roof areas. Available in two versions; ‘Full’ kits include application tools and ‘Basic’ without application tools. Kits have the option...

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Bullet Ready Roof Kit

Using advanced polyurethane technology, felt, asphalt, GRP, lead, timber, concrete, and much more can be coated with Bullet Ready Roof “liquid rubber” to seamlessly waterproof and protect for years to come. Up to 5m² per kit Fully Refurbish or Repair Easy to apply in just ONE thick coat (instructions provided) The permanent solution for...

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KoverTek TekShield Premium Roofing Topcoat

Kovertek TekShield Roofing Topcoat, designed specifically for roofing applications giving high coverage out and universal cure, produced in RAL 7011 for a consistent colour (other colours available subject to minimum order quantity). The product is designed to give high UV resistance with good coverage rates. High performance virgin Topcoat...

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Need Help?

Need Help?

Flat Roof Paints

When applied correctly, our high-performance paints, coatings and maintenance products can provide up to 25 years of protection. Our waterproofing membrane, coloured and clear coatings are suitable for a range of roofing materials, including felt, concrete, timber, asphalt and more. Our range of flat roof paints do not involve any hot works and are thus cold applied. This makes them safer in their use for both the user as well as the building. Most products are easily applied by brush, roller or spray, yet they provide optimal protection for your flat roofing – even when applied in low temperatures (product dependent).

Flat Roof Repair Paints

In the cases where repairs are needed, Rawlins Paints stock a range of flat roof repair paint. These are paints and coatings that are ideal to stop leaks and other weak points in the roof’s surface.

Even if you are dealing with an urgent repair that must be done in wet weather, there are solutions for this! Mathys have created a great coating that waterproofs instantly. Mathys Fillcoat provides a smooth liquid finish on not just roofs, but also for gutters, chimney stacks and pipes. It will seal small leaks quickly and easily, in all weather conditions.

Please browse our selection of Emergency Roof Repair Paints and maintenance products for waterproofing coatings that can quickly bridge cracks and gaps up to 2mm, and withstand rainfall almost immediately after application. Or, read our comprehensive blog post on flat roof repairs here.

Waterproofing Paints

As with any roof surface, effective maintenance is essential to keep your flat roof waterproof, rust-free and adequately protected against the elements. Rawlins Paints have a variety of waterproof paints for flat roofs that protect your roof surfaces for 5, 10 or even 25 years. Please check product datasheets to ensure a product is compatible with areas and surfaces including:

  • Concrete
  • Fibre/cement
  • Felt
  • Mastic asphalt
  • Slate
  • Roof tiles
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • And other roof surfaces and substrates that require insulation and anti-corrosion protection

GacoPro Roof Coating is a professional grade roof paint for flat roofs that guarantees protection and waterproofing for 20 years in just 2 coats! This roof paint can be applied all year round, by brush, roller or spray. GacoPro Roof Coating protects permanently against leaks, ponding water and severe weather.

We offer technical advice on all products we stock and sell. If you have any questions about the best paint for your flat roof project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Guarantees, Warranties and Life Expectancies for Large Roofing Projects

Our roof coating systems are designed to waterproof, protect and decorate almost all types of roofing materials. Roof coatings are often the most cost effective way to renovate a roof by allowing the user to extend the life expectancy without the need of a specialist contractor.

However, often larger roofing projects require some form of ‘guarantee’ for the client and/or building owner to provide peace of mind that the coating system applied to the roof will protect/waterproof the roof for an agreed period of time.

We offer systems that can be used year round to provide upto 5, 10, 15 and 25 years protection when applied by an approved contractor to flat, metal, pitched, felt, asbestos, corrugated roofs and more. Cold applied, seamless systems mean no need for heat or naked flames providing tough, elastomeric, waterproofing coatings that withstand thermal/structural movement.

We will visit your site and carry out a full inspection, write a tailored specification to meet your requirements and offer an approved contractor for the application. We will never offer a contractor that we have not trained and approved, all our contractors have successfully completed specific product training on the systems they apply and are monitored regularly to ensure the highest standard of quality is achieved.

By using one of our nationwide approved contractors for our products you enable yourself to take advantage of our guarantees, life expectancies and warranties. This means that if we say our system is going to last a certain amount of time, or perform in a certain way and it doesn’t, you’re covered.

If you’re a contractor and would like to become an approved installer of our systems please contact us on 0113 245 5450