Nullifire FD090 Fire & Smoke Curtain Roll


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Size Reference - Firetherm 90

Ref Size in Metres Coverage Colour Material
Nullifire FD090 Fire & Smoke Curtain Roll 1.3 x 50 m 65 m2 Grey Heavy duty non-insulant 470 g/m² coated glass fibre cloth

Nullifire FD090 Fire & Smoke Curtain Roll, 90-minute fire and smoke barrier in roof voids and large volume areas such as high bay storage areas or open roof space, like a wide span portal frame building. It can also be used to provide a fire and smoke barrier in suspended ceiling applications and raised floors. The fire barrier aims to slow the spread of smoke and fire through compartmentalisation of spaces, giving more time for evacuation on the discovery of fire, potentially saving lives and preventing further damage to buildings and businesses.

Nullifire FD090 Fire & Smoke Curtain Roll is lightweight, designed in rolls for easy installation and able to lifted and carried by one person. Made from heavy-duty non-insulant coated glass fibre cloth supported, on a steel frame, the fire barrier is unlike other reinforced mineral fibre solutions, with very little fibre dust created during installation or during the life of the barrier.


  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Easy to handle on rolls of 65 m2 that can be easily carried by one person (roll size 1.3 m x 50 m)
  • Very low to negligible dust generation
  • Very fast and simple seam detail using staples and folds
  • Coated on both sides to provide maximum smoke resistance


Long drops up to 3 m can be achieved without the need of extra support framework. As the system is lightweight, it can be fitted to small section structural steel members without the risk of overloading.

See the attached Method Statement for details on attaching to steel or timber framework. If in doubt, refer to the project engineer or specifiers, or give our technical team a call on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or [email protected].


Building Regulations Section B3 2000, states that a building shall be sub-divided into compartments where this is necessary to inhibit the spread of fire within the building. There is also a requirement in the case of cavities such as wall cavities, suspended ceilings or raised floors. Section B3 states ‘concealed spaces in the structure or fabric of the building, or the building as extended, shall be sealed and sub-divided where this is necessary to inhibit the unseen spread of fire and smoke.’ Often, in addition to the requirements of legislation, many building owners and their advisors require subdivision of compartments to reduce the risk of fire and smoke damage, over and above Building Regulations.

Fire Testing

Firetherm 90

Tested at Warrington Fire Research to provide 90 minutes fire stability and integrity to BS 476 Pt 20/22, BS 7346 Pt 3, smoke curtain and BS 476 Pt 7: 1987 Class 1 spread of flame

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