Carboline Carboguard 888


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Carboline Carboguard 888 is a low-temperature and rapid curing primer/finish with an extended recoat window. Provides excellent corrosion resistance as a primer, intermediate or finish on steel substrates. Self-primes on steel, galvanized steel and concrete, Carboguard 888 offers user-friendly characteristics which facilitate application in a wide range of environmental conditions.

This self-priming coating may be applied over organic and inorganic zinc primers, epoxies and others as recommended. A mist coat may be required to minimize bubbling over zinc rich primers.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Low temperature cure characteristics.
  • Rapid handling for in-shop applications.
  • One-year recoat window.
  • Low yellowing compared to other epoxies.
  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations.
  • Meets the requirement of Class “A” slip coefficient and creep testing criteria for use on faying surfaces.

Preparation & Application

Surface must be clean and dry. Employ adequate methods to remove dirt, dust, oil and all other contaminants that could interfere with adhesion of the coating.

Sa 2 “Commercial Blast” Surface profile:  40 – 75 microns

Galvanized Steel
Sa 1 “Brush Off Blast” Consult Carboline for specific recommendations.

Concrete must be cured at 28 days at 24ºC and 50% relative humidity or equivalent. Laitance, form oils, curing agents and hardeners should be removed by suitable method before coating application.

Power mix separately, then combine and power mix. At material temperatures above 24°C sweatin the mixed material for 30 minutes. At material temperatures below or at 24°C sweat-in the mixed material for 60 minutes. DO NOT MIX PARTIAL KITS. Mix ratio: 1 : 1 (A to B).

May be thinned up to 15% with Thinner 15 or Thinner 33. Use of thinners other than those supplied by Carboline may adversely affect product performance and void product warranty, whether expressed or implied.

Carboline Thinner 26E may also be used to thin this product to minimize HAP and VOC emissions.

Product Details

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