RSL Epo-Flex VJ


RSL Epo-Flex VJ (formerly known as Resujoint V) is a high performance flexiblilized two component epoxy joint sealant. It is a thixotropic compound which is designed to accommodate low level movement in vertical as well as horizontal joints.

  • Tough, yet flexible
  • Adhesive
  • Easy to clean
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Accommodates movement
  • Maintains a seamless finish
  • Flint and Sterling available to order; all other colours are made to order with lead times of at least 7 working days

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RSL Epo-Flex VJ (formerly known as Resujoint V) is ideal for stable expansion jointing in self-smoothing and screed floor coating systems. It offers high performance on a large range of screed systems.

For more colour options, please ring our technical team.

Recommended Uses

  • Granolithic screeds
  • Polyurethane screeds 
  • Polymer screeds
  • Epoxy substrates
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt


Remove all laitance, old mastic and other filler media by cutting or grinding. Ensure the joint is clean, dry, sound and free from dust. The joint should be formed to the correct depth/profile by placing a bond breaker or debonding film at the base of the joint, to form a uniform cross section with a minimum depth of 6mm and width to depth aspect ratio of 2:1 to 1:1. Where high loads are to be applied then a minimum depth of 10mm should be used.


Prime the walls of the joint with Resuprime NT or Resuprime MVT by brush, ensuring all the sides and base are covered with the primer.


Mixing: Pre-mix the coloured base component to a uniform consistency then add the entire contents of the hardener to the base. Mix thoroughly, using a slow speed electric mixer for approximately two minutes until the two components have fully combined.

The mixed unit should be applied immediately by trowel, spreading knife or spatula to fill the joints and smooth the surface.

For joints over 10mm wide, a firm backing should be used. Ensure that all joint fillers are well compacted. It is important to ensure that the backing stop/bond breaker is tight fitting in the joint to retain the Epo-Flex VJ in the correct position.

Care should be taken when placing the backing strip to ensure that it is not stretched on installation, as this can result in leakage at the ends of the joint/strip as it shrinks back.

Product Details

Data sheet

Trowel, Spreading Knife, Spatula.
2.5kg will fill 21 linear metres @ 10mm deep and 10mm wide.
Touch Dry
24 Hours

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