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Renowned UK paint specialists Kolorbond (Technispray) lead the way in manufacturing paint for uPVC and PVC substrates such as windows and doors, conservatories and more, for commercial and industrial applications. Kolorbond uPVC paint is available in 2400+ colours,  guaranteed (adhesion to substrate) for up to 10 years and colour-fast for up to 5 years, and can also be used on many metal and wood surfaces. Other products tackle interior projects on leather and vinyl (such as car seats) (Vinylkote), and marine craft specifications (Hypakolor), with hardwearing finishes and huge range of colours available.

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Kolorbond VinylKleen

Kolorbond VinylKleen is a water based cleaner for use on PVC and PVCu which removes water soluble contaminants and some silicones and oils. VinylKleen should be the first cleaner used before further cleaning with Kolorbond WindowPrep or Kolorbond VinylPrep. VinylKleen comes in a concentrated form and should be mixed 1 part VinylKleen with 3...

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Kolorbond Vinylkote

Kolorbond Vinylkote is a cross between a vinyl paint and a dye. It is the ideal product for refurbishing or changing the colour of vinyl and leather upholstery, uPVC and PVC, both in vehicles and on furniture. Performance and guarantees not valid without purchase and use of VinylKleen & VinylPrep. Available in 2,500+ colours, inc. RAL...

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Kolorbond VinylPrep

Kolorbond VinylPrep is a solvent based cleaner for use on soft vinyl before spraying with Vinylkote. VinylPrep removes contaminants including polishes and lacquers. The vinyl may feel a little tacky after cleaning with VinylPrep. This will help with the adhesion of the paint. You must always wear gloves when using this product. Take care;...

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Kolorbond WindowPrep

Kolorbond WindowPrep is an alcohol based cleaner for use on PVCu prior to painting. It is very important that PVCu (uPVC) is cleaned with WindowPrep prior to painting; WindowPrep not only removes contaminants but also removes plasticizers from the surface of the PVCU and, additionally, opens the pores of the PVCu which greatly assists adhesion...

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  • Available in 2400+ colours from RAL, NCS and British Standard
  • Includes a 10 year guarantee for the chemically-bonded surface
  • Extremely colour stable - guaranteed to hold its colour, without excessive fading, for a period of 5 years
  • UV resistant - gives protection from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun
  • Smooth and textured options Matt, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss finishes
  • Used in new and refurbishment work in the domestic and commercial sectors of the market
  • Can be colour matched to nearly any colour (including metallic, pearlescent shades, and Steritouch range), finish and texture