Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner
  • Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner

Hydron Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner


Hydron Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner.  Brick walls can often become discoloured and look very old and grubby; this brick cleaner will do a great job of lifting stains and soiling, even those created by pollution.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy grime removal from sandstone and brick
  • Internal and external use
  • Strong acidic liquid
  • Supplied as a "straw" coloured liquid but dries clear
  • Allows a longer dwell time
  • 12-month shelf life

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This excellent brick cleaner will remove stains, soiling and pollution from masonry. For heavy grime and dirt, a pressure wash can be done after applying this solution.

An excellent solution for masonry such as brickwork, concrete, natural stone, re-constructed stone as well as render.

Here's a few case-use examples:

  • Walls.
  • Floors.
  • Exterior roofs.
  • Brick sheds.

Product Use in the Workplace

  • Town park - Paved areas in town parks are designed to look nice and to take a high footfall. They certainly start off looking terrific but over time and use, they begin to look dirty and unloved. With dirt, grime and weathering taking its toll on the surface, this is the ideal cleaner for the job.
  • Wall - Either in a public place, or part of a commercial property, looking after your brickwork is important to sustain the life of the brick and to ensure it doesn't look dirty and uncared for.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy grime removal from sandstone and brick.
  • Internal and external use.
  • Strong acidic liquid.
  • Supplied as a "straw" coloured liquid but dries clear.
  • Allows a longer dwell time.
  • 12-month shelf life.


Pressure wash the area to be treated to prevent any unnecessary absorption. It may be necessary to degrease the area prior to being cleaned with Mona-Clean Multi Surface Cleaner.


Apply undiluted Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner with a bristle brush to the affected area, starting at the top and working to natural breaks, cover the area evenly. Allow to dwell 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Pressure wash with pumps capable of 1500 psi @ 14 lpm, until complete rinsing has been achieved. All equipment should be cleaned with water after use.

Recommended storage is in a cool, dry place with temperatures between 10-15°C.

Product Details

Data sheet

Should be applied at 2.4m²/Litre

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