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SikaSeal-627 Fire Collar

SikaSeal-627 Fire Collar, a prefabricated pipe collar for interior and exterior penetration sealing applications, providing up to 4 hours fire resistance in floors or walls which incorporate service openings containing metallic, plastic or composite pipes, conduits or other services. Part of the Sika Passive Fire Protection range Pipe...

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SikaSeal-628 Fire Wrap Pre-Cut Intumescent Strips

SikaSeal-628 Fire Wraps, ready to use, pre-cut strips for pipe diameters from 32mm to 250mm. Highly intumescent, use to restore the fire resistance performance (for up to 4 hours) of a floor or wall which incorporates interior or exterior service openings containing plastic or composite pipes. Part of the Sika Passive Fire Protection...

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Norseal Pyroplex Slimline Pipe Collar (200 Series)

Pyroplex 200 Series Slimline Pipe Collars, specifically designed to reinstate the fire resistance of a wall or floor which has been penetrated by plastic flammable pipes used in soil, waste and drainage services. The collars will seal closed flammable pipes from a 55mm to 160mm diameter and can be face fixed to a wall or ceiling structures ....

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Norseal Pyroplex Pipe Wraps

Pyroplex CE Marked Pipe Wraps, specifically designed to reinstate the fire performance of compartment walls or floors penetrated with plastic flammable pipes used in soil, waste and drainage applications. Achieved a fire rating of either 2 hour or 4 hour Easy to place around pipe and slide into position Intumescent material is totally...

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Tenmat FF109 Pipe Fire Sleeves

Tenmat FF109 Pipe Sleeves are particularly suitable for use in plasterboard partitions, but can be used in blockwork walls and floors, and typically provide 2 hours, and in certain applications up to 4 hours, fire resistance to various plastic and metal pipes. The Sleeves do not require any additional metal sleeving and the unique...

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Tenmat Vent Duct OverSleeve

Tenmat’s Vent Duct OverSleeve offers 120 minutes fire rating to semi-rigid ducting. The low profile (4mm thick) OverSleeve is supplied flat and simply wrapped around the ducting and resealed with the reinforced foil backing layer. Its design allows the product to be retrofitted. Independently tested in accordance with EN1366-3 EI120 Fire...

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Tenmat Oversleeve Pipe Sleeves

Tenmat Over Sleeves, a universal, one-product-fits-all solution for the firestopping of insulated metal pipes. The thin and flexible intumescent is quickly and simply wrapped directly on top of pipe insulation without the need to cut back, ensuring that thermal and vapour seal performance is maintained. 120 Minutes Fire Rated Rapidly...

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Astroflame Intumescent Duct Sleeve

Astroflame Intumescent Duct Sleeves are intended for use where a ventilation duct passes through a fire rated wall, maintaining the integrity of the fire rated wall which would otherwise be lost. In the event of a fire, the advanced Duct Sleeve will expand with the heat, crushing the duct and closing off the hole to the fire for at least 120...

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Astroflame Low Profile Intumescent Duct Sleeves

Astroflame Low Profile Intumescent Duct Sleeves, a more compact version of the original Astroflame Duct Sleeve that offers the same industry leading fire performance, maintain the integrity of fire rated walls penetrated by plastic ventilation ducts. In the event of a fire the intumescent material of the duct sleeve expands and crushes the...

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Astroflame Intumescent Duct Wrap

Astroflame Intumescent Duct Wrap is designed to provide simple and effective fire resistance for up to 2 hours to plastic vent ducting penetrations. These duct wraps provide 120 minutes integrity and insulation protection having been fire tested in an Open/Open pipe/duct end configuration, to the most onerous requirements of EN 1366-3....

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Astroflame Intumescent Pipe Wraps

Astroflame Intumescent Pipe Wraps for fire stopping all types of plastic pipes passing through masonry floors and walls. Independently fire tested to EN 1366-3 and BS 476 giving a fire resistance of up to 4 hours. Note that AFIPW200/2E - Intumescent Pipe Wrap - 200mm is fire rated up to 120 minutes Intumescent Pipe Wraps for PVC, PP, MDPE,...

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Astroflame Intumescent PFP FR Pipe Wraps

Astroflame Intumescent PFP FR Pipe Wraps maintain the fire resistance of fire separating walls and floors when these are breached by plastic pipes, conduits or metal pipes with continuous combustible insulation, and may be used in drywalls, masonry or concrete walls and concrete floors. Each pipe wrap consists of a graphite based reactive...

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