• Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Cages
  • Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Cages

Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Cages

Product 32

We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Tenmat FF109 Downlight Covers as our nearest alternative. Please contact our Technical Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] prior to purchase/use for advice on suitability.



Fire Cage Sizes:

The cage can only be fitted from above on fixed ceilings, and from above and below on suspended ceilings.

Regular Standard Light Fitting - Rigid Fire Cage

Ref Length Width Height
FC1 150mm 150mm 120mm
FC2 150mm 150mm 170mm
FC3 200mm 200mm 120mm
FC4 200mm 200mm 170mm
FC5 260mm 260mm 120mm
FC6 260mm 260mm 170mm
FC7 260mm 260mm 230mm
FC8 300mm 300mm 120mm
FC9 300mm 300mm 230mm
FC10 350mm 350mm 175mm


Regular Standard Light Fitting & Transformer Combined - Rigid Fire Cage

Ref Length Width Height
FC1R 325mm 150mm 120m
FC2R 325mm 150mm 170mm
FC3R 375mm 200mm 120mm
FC4R 375mm 200mm 170mm
FC5R 435mm 260mm 120mm
FC6R 435mm 260mm 170mm
FC7R 435mm 260mm 230mm
FC8R 475mm 300mm 120mm
FC9R 475mm 300mm 230mm
FC10R 525mm 350mm 175mm

Acoustic Standard Light Fitting

Ref Length Width Height
FC1/AC 190mm 190mm 140mm
FC2/AC 190mm 190mm 190mm
FC3/AC 240mm 240mm 140mm
FC4/AC 240mm 240mm 190mm
FC5/AC 300mm 300mm 140mm
FC6/AC 300mm 300mm 190mm
FC7/AC 300mm 300mm 250mm
FC8/AC 340mm 340mm 140mm
FC9/AC 340mm 340mm 250mm
FC10/AC 390mm 390mm 195mm


Acoustic Light Fitting & Transformer Combined

Ref Length Width Height
FC1R/AC 365mm 190mm 140mm
FC2R/AC 365mm 190mm 190mm
FC3R/AC 415mm 240mm 140mm
FC4R/AC 415mm 240mm 190mm
FC5R/AC 475mm 300mm 140mm
FC6R/AC 475mm 300mm 190mm
FC7R/AC 475mm 300mm 250mm
FC8R/AC 515mm 340mm 140mm
FC9R/AC 515mm 340mm 250mm
FC10R/AC 565mm 390mm 195mm


Available in standard sizes, contact our sales team on 0113 245 5450 to order a custom size fire cage.

Intumescent fire cages restore integrity to plasterboard and suspended ceilings, covering and offering fire protection to fittings and downlighters, with the acoustic variation dampening airborne and impact sound, and both types have ventilation to disperse heat so that downlighters don't overheat. This ventilation seals up in a fire, preventing flames and heat from entering roof spaces, such as lofts.

Acoustic cages are useful between floors of residential apartments, especially where businesses and shops are on the ground floor.

Choose from 4 types of fire cage for standard light fittings or for combined light fittings and transformers, with or without acoustic protection. Custom sizes can be made to order.

Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Adapters are available for converting existing downlighters in low-energy units.

See also: Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Covers

IMPORTANT FIRE PRODUCTS NOTICE: The information displayed on this website should be used as a guide ONLY and our Technical Department should be contacted to obtain a tailored specification and any advice necessary before you place an order for fire protection products. Fire protection products are non-returnable except in accordance with Condition 8 of the Terms and ConditionsWe will not be held liable for any resulting damage to property, human life or monetary costs incurred due to the incorrect specification you have prepared or use of fire protection products caused by your negligence, including your failure to have contacted us to obtain the relevant advice/specification.

Any Envirograf products to be used in or for Harrods department store should be authorised with our Technical Team prior to purchase.

Product Details
Product 32

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