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Graffiti Removal

Anti-Graffiti Paints



To remove graffiti you need to use a specialised product so you don’t damage the surface.

If you are removing graffiti from bare, un-coated surfaces, Rawlins Paints stock a variety of products that can help with this job. Some of these products can be used on many different surfaces, such as brick, render, stone, shop fronts, bus shelters or even rail carriages.

If you are cleaning a surface that has been previously treated with an anti-graffiti coating, then it is vital you pick a graffiti remover that will not damage the coating underneath. Generally, the manufacturers of the anti-graffiti coating will have also created a corresponding graffiti remover and cleaner.

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Anti-graffiti coatings are preventative paints that work to stop inks, aerosols and other markings bonding to the surface. Sometimes referred to as anti-vandal paints, these anti-graffiti products can be used internally and externally on a wide range of different surfaces, including previously painted surfaces, bare surfaces, smooth surfaces like metal and plastic, and porous surfaces like brick and stonework.

Rawlins Paints also stock anti-gum and anti-fly-posting surface coatings specifically designed to be used on street furniture that is prone to fly posters, such as traffic lights, lamp posts, benches, junction boxes and street lighting. These can be used on a lot of surfaces, but if you’re not sure, make sure you check with our Technical Team before purchase. 

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Graffiti Removal Manufacturers and Products Available to Buy Today:

 - Graffiti Magic Multi Surface Graffiti Remover

 - Graffiti Magic Bare Surface Graffiti Remover

 - Rust-Oleum Nr.1 Green Paint Stripper

 - Blackfriar Professional Graffiti Remover Gel

 - Graffiti Magic Shadow Lifter

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Anti-Graffiti Paints Available to Buy Today at Rawlins Paints:

 - Graffiti Magic Clear Anti-Graffiti Coating

 - Graffiti Magic Non-Darkening Sealer

 - Graffiti Magic Gum Magic

 - Coo-Var Anti-Graffiti Kit

 - Rust-Oleum GraffitiShield Range

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Paint Over Graffiti


If not treated properly with a stain blocking paint, graffiti can re-appear through new paint work. By choosing the correct primer to use before re-decorating the area you will ensure that the graffiti stays hidden and doesn’t bleed through. These paints and coatings can be used on internal and external surfaces and substrates.

Many people think that just by applying multiple coats of the paint you're using or using a solvent based paint can hold stains back but it's simply not the case. We offer stain blocking paints that have been tried and tested for over 30 years, most of them even help adhere to difficult surfaces and dry quickly so you can overcoat them in a few hours. Don't take a chance, use a professional product and make sure you don't have to do the project again. 

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Stain-Blocking Paints and Primers to Cover Stubborn Graffiti on Internal/External Surfaces:

 - Zinsser B-I-N

 - Zinsser Cover Stain

 - Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3

 - Rust-Oleum Universal Stain Block Primer

 - Mathys Pegaprim Range

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